Thursday, December 24, 2009

Matty's Christmas

Every Christmas and in the Christmas season I am gathering for Santa Claus and writing my list. I also like singing Christmas songs on the radio or singing with my voice. My favirit songs to sing on Christmas time are Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Deck The Halls, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24, Silver Bells, Winter Wonderland, The SpongeBob Christmas Song, and lots more. I wrote my Christmas Wish List to Santa and I wanted a Roll of Paper, a lot of Money, a Bingo Game, Uno Cards, some Dominoes, a few toys, and some Walt Disney Movies.

During the Christmas season every year Dad promised me that we will go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. They do a good Christmas show. Last year, we saw them play in New Jersey at the IZOD Center because we missed them play at the Nassau Coliseum. We enjoyed the concert very much and Dad said we will see them again next year at the Nassau Coliseum. We finally went to the concert in Christmas 2009 with Kitty Kat (my cousin) and it was fun. I also sang along with the song and I was pretending that I was guitaring. The music they played there was like the music we hear on the radio. After the middle of the show I asked Dad if we could take a walk to get a refreshment and Dad got me a pretzel and a bottle of water and he bought their Christmas Cd. I liked the concert a lot. I think that was my very first time ever going to the Nassau Coliseum. I can't wait to go to the concert again next year because it reminds me of Christmas time.

On December 24th, we were getting ready for preperation for Santa's visit and Dad reminded me to leave out milk and cookies for Santa Claus so he would come. Then I went up to bed and I went upstairs to bed like Dad told me to. As I fell asleep I was dreaming of being an elf in Santa's workshop. When I was asleep Dad saw Santa come at around 2:15 in the morning. Dad had to leave water for the reindeer because they were thirsty. Santa thanked us for the cookies and milk.

On Christmas Day, I woke up feeling very happy that it was finally Christmas. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to Grandma Bee and I said "Merry Christmas Grandma Bee!" and she was suprised. She said Merry Christmas back to me. As I went to the kitchen to see Mom I saw a note and it said that Santa came around 2:00 in the morning. Dad said he saw Santa come last night and he thanked us for the cookies and milk. Then he said that the reindeer were thirsty so he left out water for the reindeer. I was very suprised. I asked Dad how he saw Santa if he comes while you are sleeping. I saw the plate and it was empty. I knew now that he ate it all. A little bit later I opened presents with my Mom, Dad, and Grandma Bee. I got some legos and cars. This year I didn't get any rolls of paper like I asked for so I could complete my collection. I also got a new SpongeBob: The First 100 Episodes Box Set for Christmas. I got some Walt Disney movies and some pencils for my roll of paper. I got some puzzles and some new games. I got a lot of new sheets of paper. I got about 5,000 sheets of paper. I am sad that I didn't get any new dominoes. We went to Aunt Kathy's house. I got a lot of presents this Christmas. I had a lot of fun there! Then we went home to sing by the tree.

I had a very fun Christmas this year. I can't beleive that the year is almost over. I think I had a good Christmas! I think Christmas is one of the best holidays ever! The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The week of our computer crash and my new laptop

One day after I got home from school I saw a note on the computer and it said "Matty, do not use this computer". I was curious and sad. When I saw that it would take forever to finish loading. It was the same thing when we went to the concert. It was a very long time to wait for it to finish loading. I was so upset because all the things I saved on there were all cleared out.
A few days later, Dad bought 3 new computers. A new one for him, a new lap-top for me and a small one. We set up the computers for everyone, even Dad. I saw Mom setting them up and she was working hard to set it up. I had a new lap-top just for me. When I saw the screen I was very curious about the secret password and I didn't know what it was. So I called my Mom up on the phone to ask her the password. That was because I can watch a DVD on it and watch TV on it. She told me the password and now I know how to log on and play my games.
Now that I can watch a DVD on it, I still have to ask her about how to watch my show. Pretty soon I am going to have all my old programs back on my new lap-top. When I have all my pictures back and everything is back to normal I will be back to normal. I think it is better to be back to my blog posts. I hope I can get my music back before 2009 is over. I am glad to have all my folders back. Now my pictures will be what I want them to be. Now I have learned a lesson that if you lose something, you will find it every time or in your memory. The End.

Matty Iannielli

Friday, December 4, 2009

Food I like to eat and the food I don't like

I have a lot of foods that I like to eat but the foods I don't like are tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, turkey, and cranberry sauce. Sometimes my mother says I am kind of a picky eater. I mostly don't like to eat ketchup on french fries, but I still like french fries. I like chicken nuggets though, but I only eat the edges of them because I don't like meat. I also don't like to eat salad or grilled cheese. I used to eat broccoli when I was about 2 to 3 years old. My favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, regular cheese pizza, mashed potatoes, french fries, boiled eggs and Thomas muffins. I like ice cream too! My favorite flavors of ice cream are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, spumoni and pistachio. I like to go to Ralph's Italian Ices in the summer time and get Italian ices. My favorite flavors are rainbow and lemon-lime. I also like Carvel ice cream and get a scoop of ice cream with marshmallows with Dad. I remember in the summer I used to go Ice Screaming where Dad's high school friend Sandy used to work. Dad told me one day that he closed down his store because there wasn't a lot of customers coming there. Even though I don't like any tomatoes, like I don't like ketchup, I don't want too much tomato sauce on my pizza slice. It is like I don't like the marinara sauce with mozzarella sticks. I also don't like the cheese of the mozzarella sticks. I don't know why but I can't help it.

I like to celebrate birthdays and holidays by getting a cake at Dortoni's. I also like getting cakes at Friendly's for ice cream or birthdays. We also go to Friendly's for lunch or dinner and I usually get macaroni with cheese and a sundae for ice cream sometimes. We have gone to baseball games at Shea Stadium, which is now City Field and if I get hungry, Dad would get me pizza and french fries and a Carvel ice cream helmet cup and I enjoy it while I am watching the game with my Dad. Dad spends a fortune on the food because it's a stadium, right?

For lunch at school, Mom usually packs me a peanut-butter and cracker sandwich, a Capri-sun drink and a little snack. Do you know why there is no jelly in my sandwich? That is because I don't really like jelly because I haven't really tried it ever. My parents and I feel kind of sorry about that. I do really like peanut-butter that is artificially flavored but I liked Skippy too. I also like the strawberry and blueberry Pop-Tarts if I'm not a fussy eater. I also like Doritos for a snack if Dad buys it. I also like Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-ups and Fruit Gushers for snacks too. When Dad takes me to the supermarket I pick out the items and snacks that I want for lunch and for home. Earlier today, we went to Friendly's for lunch. I got macaroni with cheese and french fries to go with it. When the waitress gave me my food I saw that there were pickles on it and I don't like pickles though so Dad took it off for me. By the way I ordered the macaroni and cheese without the pickles. While I was drinking Dad was having his Fribble shake and I got curious about it and the taste of it. When I tried it I liked it a lot. I had a good ice cream and we went home because it was a rainy day.

For breakfast, I like to eat cereal, pancakes, and french toast. I like to go to IHOP and get a Funny Face for pancakes if we missed breakfast. I also like to take the half and half packets if anyone orders coffee. My favorite pancakes are Aunt Jemima pancakes. I like to eat french toast and french toast sticks. My favorite cereals are Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, and Honey Smacks.

I like to drink juices and some sodas. I like to drink Sierra Mist for my soda. I also like to drink Orange Soda, Orange Juice, Lemonade, and Fruit Punch. At Christmas time I like to drink the Jones Blueberry Pie, Cherry Pie, and Key Lime Pie sodas. Those are examples of what I like to drink.

Sometimes my Mom says that I am a fussy eater. I think I will get used to trying some new foods one day. That is the story about foods I like and don't like to eat. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thanksgiving Story 2009

I woke up happy on Thanksgiving morning and I couldn't wait to eat my food. Mom told me about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I saw the balloons and there was a Sesame Street balloon that was very big and it was very heavy. I wanted to watch my show on Disney Channel but I missed it. I liked the parade and I thought it sounded cool. When I came downstairs I saw Dad watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It sounded fun to watch the parade on TV. I told Grandma Bee as she woke up, "Happy Thanksgiving!". She sounded surprised once she heard me talk to her. That afternoon, we were listening to a Mary Hopkins music video on YouTube called "Those Were The Days". When Mom was cooking the turkey in the kitchen, I was helping her cook as much as I could. She said it would be ready by 5:30 PM and it would take about 20-30 minutes for it to cool down because it was in the oven for about more than an hour. I wanted to help Mom as best as I could because she was cooking and I wanted to help set out the dishes and cups and put them on the dining room table. Mom was proud of me and Grandma and Dad told me what a wonderful job I did. Even though it was a hot kitchen I did my best. When the turkey was ready, Mom used the gloves because it was really really hot. She served it in the dining room with all the trimmings like sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. Mom was upset that I didn't eat the turkey or the other stuff. Even though I don't like turkey or cranberry sauce or any of those other foods, at least I liked the mashed potatoes. We had a good dinner and I was getting full. That night, I was listening to some music on Rhapsody and I kept on saying when I saw Dad playing Christmas music "It's not Christmas, It's not Christmas". After we listened to the music on Rhapsody, Dad let me have some time to play music and I pretended to be a DJ. I even got to see one of my favorite movies which was Bee Movie with Barry Benson and Vanessa the Florist. When it was time for bed I told Mom that I had a good Thanksgiving meal. I went to bed and dreamed about a turkey. The End.
Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why I like my birthday to be in March 8th

Do you know why I like March 8th better than my real birthday? There are many reasons why I changed my birthday. That is because I will be the oldest in my grade if my birthday is in December. I like March 8 better because it is in the correct year and not in the wrong month. Sometimes if my mother talks about it I start to feel upset and miserable. My new birthday is now in March 8 of 1999. I think I like this birthday much better. Another reason why is because my birthday is a lot different than anyone else. It is also because I will get a lot of presents for Christmas. In my mind I think my real birthday is not fair to me because I am the only one. I like my fake birthday much better than my real birthday. If only I wasn't born in 1998 I would be a lucky boy but I think I'm not. My parents tell me that I am a lucky boy. I think I like March 8 better than my real birthday.

I remember once in Friendly's it was my birthday and I got upset about my birthday. I told mom that it is not my birthday. Another thing I remember about it was that we went to Friendly's but not to celebrate my real birthday. Now every March 8 I go to Friendly's to celebrate my fake birthday. On my 10th fake birthday I thought it was the worst birthday but I wanted it to be the best birthday ever. So on March 8, 2010 I will have the really best fake birthday ever. If I have the best birthday ever on my fake one I will be very happy and write about it on my blog.

I like my fake birthday a lot better than my real one because it's not on the wrong month or the wrong year. That is why I like my fake birthday a lot more than my real one. The End.

Matty Iannielli

Friday, November 20, 2009

What I like about school and weekends off

I started going to school at North Side School and I was there only for Kindergarten. After that I went to Summit Lane Elementary School from Grade 1 to Grade 4. Then I moved to the school I am in right now which is Jonas E. Salk Middle School. I hope I stay in that school until I finish middle school. Now I wake up at 6:30 in the morning and I am very tired so sometimes I sleep on the bus. In Elementary School I woke up at 7:50 AM and the bus came at about 8:30 AM for school. At least that was much better. My Middle School bus comes at around 7:00 AM. Before I am on the bus I get dressed, eat breakfast and put on my backpack to get ready for school.

I like going to school there but the worst thing about it is waking up too early. I try to do my best on Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Science and Social Studies. I try to be on my best behavior and focus in school but on some days Mrs. Eber yells at me but I still am trying my best at that time. I hope I got a 100 on my score of my New York State Social Studies Test. I go to Family and Consumers every day of school at around 8:25 in the morning. What I do in that class is find out things I can or can't do. I also find out what I want to be when I grow up. At 5th period I go to Lunch and eat my peanut butter and crackers sandwich that Mom packs me. Sometimes I get lunch money and buy a bagel with butter. At 7th period I go to either Gym or Music. In Gym I walk around the track to get my exercise. Before Gym is over I go on the scooters and catch the hula-hoop. In Music class I play the xylophone and hit the bars to make a song for practice. At 8th period I go to Art class and paint a picture. I go to Art class every school day. Sometimes I go to Speech at 9th period, which is the last period of the day before I go home from school. In Speech we learn about certain holidays and new words of the day. I pack up before the bell rings for the bus. I get ready to go home and I say goodbye to my teachers and say "see you tomorrow" or on Friday we say "see you on Monday".

I think school is good for me. I know it helps me learn but sometimes the Math has too much problems and I think I can't finish them. I like school but the only problem about school is that I have to wake up in the middle of 6 in the morning. I like my teacher because she is nice and doesn't yell at me. I like school because I learn new things and I play with friends. I think school is a lot of fun. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Terry Gonzales (Grandma Bee)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The time I liked to sing and listen to music on Rhapsody

I remember back in the years of 2003 to 2005 I liked to sing and make up songs. I remember I used to make up some songs and sing them to my Mom and Dad. I remember that my parents told me that they played lullabies to help me fall asleep. One time in 2002 I was singing on a cassette and I knew how to sing some ABBA songs and Mom was happy about that. My favorite songs from ABBA were The Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Money Money Money. I made up a part of the ABBA song, Mamma Mia. In the song I was singing my address because I knew it. How would I know that when I was about 3? When I turned 4 I started to sing more often and I sang new songs that I made up and they were called Bump The Car, Yoohoo, The Saturn ABC Song, The Car Door Song and The Telephone Song. When I was 5 years old I thought when I wanted to grow up I wanted to be a singer but that changed by 2007. I discovered albums and on my notebook I wrote lists of them and I put the time of the song and the album. I also put some stickers on the pages and did pictures of the album on the next page. In 2005 I still made songs but this time I liked listening to music on the radio and I also loved listening to The Music Channel where they played a list of songs called the Top 20. By 2006 I discovered Rhapsody where I could put the songs I like in a list, add it to the library and rate it to see how much I like it. The last song I made up was Unit 1 and Unit 2 (tune from Old McDonald Had A Farm). I made it up at my Camp which is Camp Kehilla. I like to listen to music on Rhapsody too. I started to get the idea of adding and rating songs and putting them in the list of your favorite songs. As I got older I started to say that I don't sing as much as I used to because I thought singing was less cool. Right now I notice how important it is to sing. I will know that now I am more interested in listing TV shows and movies like I also liked maps and roads. That is how I started to sing less often. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

Monday, November 16, 2009

The fun trip to New Jersey over the weekend

Last Friday, I got home from school and I was feeling happy that it was the weekend. I ran straight to my room where I was so happy and then I felt like I wanted to goof off and have fun. Later, Grandma told me that Daniella was not here because her big brother was sick. That night, Dad told me that we were going to New Jersey tomorrow so my parents cud have their party.

The next day I woke up feeling happy and I got ready for the trip, said goodbye to the house and took my fake brother SpongeBob with me. We left at like 12:20 PM. It took us long to pack because Dad said bad words and made me cry and I thought I wanted a new family. Mom calmed me down and stopped my crying. I was crying because Dad was saying bad words and was really loud. When we got in the car I thought I loved Mom a little more than Dad because I thought he was a little mean with his foul language. We left the house and took the shortest route to New Jersey where the hotel was. We stopped to get something to eat along the way because I was getting hungry. We got to the hotel in time and we took off our coats and put them in the closet. After that, I was hiding in the closet because I thought that was funny. My parents left the room at about 6:00 PM so they cud go to their party and they asked me to be good with Grandma Bee and I promised my best promise. While they were gone I took a bath because I thought it would be fun to take a bath. I had a good bath and got clean. I was in the tub for about 30-45 minutes because I couldn't stop swimming in the water. When I got out I wanted to play a game with Grandma and we played Hide and Seek, Charades, Jokes, Knock-Knock Jokes, Find the Card and a throwing game with the card. When we were done we watched some TV and we watched Horton Hears A Who and SpongeBob SquarePants. We had a fun day at the hotel on Saturday. We went to bed and dreamed about being a fish. Later that night at about 1:50 AM, my parents woke me up and I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was very late so I went back to sleep and continued my dream.

On Sunday, we missed Breakfast because I overslept. We checked the hotel if it was still Breakfast time. We missed it and I started to get upset. So I was thinking of a way to get something to eat for Breakfast and then I got an idea. I thought that Friendly's still served Breakfast by this time and we were on our way. While we were at the restaurant I had a pancake with M&M's in it. I thought it was very good. I finished my food and had a good Breakfast. I thought that I should get it with my family more often. We left the hotel and we got a souvenir to remember the hotel. Before we left, I wrote down the memories of what we did in the hotel and we went on our way. When we left, I felt sad because I was going to miss that hotel. Before we went home we got stuck in New York City with all the traffic and we weren't able to go to the LIE as a shortcut. So we took a better way home and we had a good time at the hotel. When we got home I had to study for the New York State Test that I would take tomorrow and I concentrated on the study test. I went to sleep in my room and said goodnight to Mom and Dad and dreamed about living in a hotel. It was a really good time at the hotel. The End.

Matty Iannielli

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why I don't like my name to be called Matthew

Do you notice that there is the name Matty in my first blog post called Introduction? That is because I like Matty better than Matthew because I think Matty sounds shorter and better. It is like my Grandma doesn't want to be called Teresa and she likes to be called Terry. Another reason why is because I have a great great grandfather named Matthew Iannielli. My grandfather Pop (which I call Popcorn) was surprised that I was named Matty because he realized that there is a Matthew in the family which was his grandfather. Those are some reasons why I don't like to be called Matthew. I have a very long name. It is called Matty Edward Donald Gonzales Iannielli IV. I have my great uncle Donald Iannielli so I wanted to have Matty Donald Iannielli in my name. That is how I wanted to be named Edward Iannielli IV or Matty Iannielli.

Once when I was about 4 years old and we lived in 47 Raspberry Lane in Levittown, New York, I wanted to be nicknamed Shake It Up Iannielli because I thought that would be a really silly name. Do you know where I got it from? I got it from a song sang by The Cars and the song was named Shake It Up. When grandma was riding on an MTA Bus, someone asked if my Grandma had a grandson named Shake It Up and Grandma Bee was very surprised because she didn't recognize the guy. And then the guy introduced his name and he said that they were visiting in Raspberry Lane with his friend Eugene. So Grandma said "Yes, I do".

I also remember when I had an imaginary friend named Frank Russet like the kind of potato. I believed in him from 2004 to 2006 because I thought it was time to move on. I also remember when I liked to be called Matthew. I didn't mind and I felt happy with it. When I realized that my mother used to tease me and say "Achoo Macho". When I remembered that I wanted to be called Matty. I remember at Helping Hands the teachers I met were nice but then I said my name is M. One time when I was in 4th grade I changed my name to Matty. That is how I changed my name to Matty instead of Matthew.

I think I like this name more often. If I talk to a friend I will tell them that my name is Matty. I think these things sound a lot better. I think it is important to have these names. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Terry Gonzales (my Grandma)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I don't like compliments as much as I used to

When I was a little boy I used to like compliments. I remember some compliments that I used to like without saying I wanted to be like everyone else and I didn't worry if I was the only one to get a compliment. Now it seems that I don't like it as much as I used to like them because I want to be like everybody else now. So now I think it feels much better being like others because I like to help other people and make them happy. That is why I don't like compliments that much anymore. I also know that one summer day the girl across the street said "hi" to me and I felt shy. I know I should say "hello" back to her but I was a little afraid. Those are all facts about when I used to like compliments and what I like now.

I remember some other times that somebody complimented me. One day in 2003 our neighbors J.E. (Josie) and Mark, which I call him Marker, complimented me and said that I am a smart boy. And then I said "thank you" back to them. Another thing I remember about 2003 was that my dad thought I was a smart boy and I used to like when he said those things. On Halloween of 2003 I was a bumblebee costume. And in the pizza place, all the girls thought I was a cute little bumblebee. And I was thrilled with that. One other time in like 2006, someone thought I was a good drawer and painter and I said "thank you" and they were happy. In like 2007, someone gave me a big compliment and everybody else got a little one and I was happy but I asked the teacher to give me a little compliment just like the other kids did. Then that was how I started to like compliments less often.

It seems when we grow things change and become different like how I used to like compliments and how I started to like them less often. I think it is still OK that I don't like compliments a lot. But since I am getting older maybe I'll like compliments more often again just like I did before. It feels that my parents are trying to help me and say things that I want them to say. I think these things are nice and I will try my best in school too. That is the story of when I liked compliments and how I started to like them less often. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Teresa Gonzales (Grandma)

Monday, November 9, 2009

My story about when I had autism and seizures

When I was younger I had seizures and autism. Dad tells me that it's okay. Right now I don't have those kind of problems anymore. I remember some kinds of times when I had seizures and something like epilepsy. Dad told me that it was a cause of aspergers. I remember some times when I had to be rushed to the hospital like the times I had the bloody nose at the mall and the time I took the cough medicine up to 3/4 dozes. I also remember the time when I was on a school field trip in October 2005 ans I had a seizure and my dad picked me up. I also remember the times when I went to the Schneider Children's Hospital for some appointments. The other time I remember I had a seizure was when I fell asleep unconscious in the box and grandma saw me and called the neighbor. Those times seem scary when these events happen. Now I don't have to worry about those times now because I am better again.

The times when I had seizures started when I fell asleep inside the box. It was scary for grandma because she saw me unconscious in the box with blue lips and purple nails without breathing. Grandma was very scared. So she called JE (Josie) and told her on the telephone what happened to me. She was scared too so she decided to call my Aunt Cathy. My aunt was a professional nurse that knew about seizures and autism. She rushed over to the house and dad saw me. Grandma saw me and then she shook me so I could breathe and then I threw up and I could breathe again. Dad told Cathy that maybe I had to be taken to the hospital. But then Cathy knew what to do so she said to my dad that we don't have to. And then she put me on the couch to rest and I slept again for about 6 hours and they didn't wake me up because they thought I was tired and I needed some rest so I could get better. Then the next day I felt better again and I was cured all thanks to Aunt Cathy and Grandma. Grandma always says a prayer after that. That is the story of the time when I fell asleep into the box unconscious.

Another time I remember was when I had the bloody nose at the Sunrise Mall in like early 2004. That was a scary thing too. I remember we went shopping to buy new clothes for school. A few minutes later I was running around the mall and then I got a bump on my nose and it started to bleed. My parents were really scared that mom was screaming and crying for help. The shirt I was wearing was all covered in blood and the floor too. The janitor mopped up the floor and cleaned it. So someone called the emergency and the ambulance came and took me to the hospital and my parents hoped I would be OK. We went to the Brunswick Hospital in Amityville which closed down sometime in 2006. They helped me and stopped our crying. The nurses there were very nice to us and my nose got better. I got bored in there after waiting for about 2 hours and dad said it was time to go home and we said goodbye to the nurses. We went home and my parents told me to be careful next time and not run around. Then we went to bed and dreamed about happy times. The next day I felt better again and we all had a good time. That is the story about the time I had a bloody nose at the mall.

The other times I remember were when I took the cough medicine up to 3/4 doses and I felt dizzy. That was in the Summer of 2004. My parents took me to the Schneider Children's Hospital and they checked to see if I was feeling OK. They said I was sick from taking the medicine overdose. I felt better and I went home drawing in my notebook. I also remember the time when I had a seizure on a field trip in Long Beach on October 2005. I was having another seizure and dad took me to the hospital and they made me feel better. It was scary too.

There are other times that are scary in your life that might cause problems. At least I feel better now and I haven't had a seizure in a long time. This makes me happy and think of those times. I feel like I'm better again. That is the story of my seizure times when I had autism and the time I got a bloody nose at the mall. I will never forget those times. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Grandma

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Memories of Pop and Lolo Beto

We remember lots of memories in life that happened a long time ago. Dad told me about his father because he meant a lot to my Dad. Dad told me about what happened to his father and things they used to do together. It all started with dad at work on a terrible day. Dad was at the office and said he always lent his car to my Dad. While Dad was driving home from work he saw me saying "you're home early today". A little bit later his brother came over to tell us about what happened to Pop. He told me to go into grandma's room because it would be too mature for me. So they talked and my Dad asked is his father OK. They said something terrible happened to his father. He asked what happened? I don't want to tell you what happened though. I came back in and I heard that Dad was crying and I was wondering why. Then Dad told my mom and she was crying too. I still was curious. I asked mom why she was crying. She said because something horrible happened to Pop. I was feeling sorry for them and I started to cry too. That was because I felt sad for Pop. About a few days later Dad asked me if I wanted to come to say goodbye to Pop and I told him I was too scared to go because of what happened to him.

About a month later we went to the Holy Road Cemetery to visit Pop and say hello. I asked Dad what section we had to go to when we saw Pop and he said to look for section 30. I got curious about all the sections in the cemetery and I asked Dad how many sections there were in there. He thought there were about 50 sections in there. I made a Google search for that cemetery and it said there were only 34 sections in there. Now the last time I went there I was crying because I didn't want to go because I thought there were monsters and ghosts in there. I was acting like a little boy again. One day I was crying because I felt sad for my father's parents. I felt like a baby again and I was playing dead. My parents knew I was awake. That is the story of what happened to Pop.

My mom, grandmother, and I remember a lot of things about Lolo Beto (my 2nd grandfather). We remember when he first visited here to see us in the United States. He said hello and my grandmother said he is shy, he can speak some of English, and sometimes can't hear us. I remember he tickled me just like my grandma does. Sometimes I played with him and I tickled him. Sometimes he rested on some days when he was tired. On other days he would like to read a book about the World War II and the book about the Verrazano Bridge that Pop worked on. I know that the person who wrote it was Gay Talese. Sometimes we talked together and I asked him about what he did in his home place. He loves reading so he reads books very often. One day I taught him about the microwave and he set it to about 80 minutes and I stopped the microwave and cleared it and then I told him not to do that because that could cause a fire. One night we said goodbye to him, gave him some money for him, wished him good luck, and told him we would never forget him. We dropped him off at the JFK Airport and said goodbye for the last time. I felt like I was going to cry because I would miss him. We all went home sadly and thought about him. And that is the story about the memories we had with Lolo. Those sure were good times. Right now we still miss him and we will never forget him. I will always remember him and love him forever and ever and for the rest of my life.

Right now these memories take me back in time to like 2007, 2008, or early 2009. These things mean a lot to me and they make me happy and make me wonder why these events happened. I will always remember those times and will always love them.

We will never forget you Pop! We love you forever and ever!
We will never forget you too Lolo because we love you and always will!

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Teresa N. Gonzales (my grandmother)

Monday, November 2, 2009

What I do when I'm helping others

Sometimes when I'm in the Broadway Mall and I'm inside the play area if a little boy or girl is crying because they either got hurt or still want to play I go up to them and say to them and their parents "don't cry there, everything will be all right". Sometimes the parents are thrilled or maybe dad tells me not to do that. If I say that to others sometimes it stops them from crying. I do it because I have a good heart, I want to help them, and I don't like to see them cry. When I was about 8 years old I decided that I wanted to be a superhero when I grow up and help others. When I decided that I wanted to be a superhero, I thought I would save someone who needs help or an old lady having trouble crossing the street. I would also say I would save the dead people and make them free. I would even help little kids when they are crying. Another thing I said was my new name would be Super Matty. My pledge speech would be "no need to fear, Super Matty is here". I thought it would be a good idea if I made a TV show like that.

My dad tells me that if I really want to help people when I get older the first one I have to help is myself. I was born with a condition called epilepsy and also I have bin diagnosed as autistic. I really don't understand what this is all about, but my parents have me on the medical care and I take medication. The first seizure I ever had was at our old residence house at 47 Raspberry Lane. I don't remember it ever happened. But grandma came into the room where I was playing with my toys. She found me unconscious slumped over in a box near the bed and she was so panicked. She ran over to the neighbor to get help and called my dad on the phone. Dad had called his sister who is a nurse after speaking with grandma and asked if she could go over to the house to see me and she came over and saw my condition. She knew right away that I had a Grand Mal seizure and she said that mom and dad should take me to the hospital if it ever happens again.

My dad told me before on his blog page that he had a story about when I was on a school field trip in Long Beach. Soon I had another Grand Mal seizure and dad came over from work in the city right away. Mom came also and I had to be taken to the hospital. They told me that I was having another Grand Mal seizure and I got sick.

I think it is a good idea to help someone if they need my help. I sometimes say that I want to help others and not let them cry. I think it is very important to help others because if I do I will become a good boy. It is good to help others and work together. I think the most important thing is to help others. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The fun time going trick-or-treating on Halloween

I had a fun time going trick-or-treating on Halloween. I woke up feeling happy for Halloween. When mom came in the room I told her Happy Halloween! She said "Don't eat too much candy". I was so happy and I came running into the living room and I saw the candy and I wanted one so badly. I had one and couldn't wait to go trick-or-treating. I was waiting for almost an hour but nobody came. I was so upset that I took my costume off. I went upstairs to my room and was so mad. I went into mom's room and I did a research of cars in mom's lap top. Dad told me to come downstairs and he told me that someone was wondering where my costume was and where my costume was. Dad told me that someone was crying because they loved my costume a lot. When some kids came to the house I was happy and I asked for a piece of paper and a pencil so I could count how many kids came to the house. I started counting and I saw them. I made a list of them and I gave them candy. Some of the kids were too shy and I had to get out of the house and give them the candy and they would say "thank you". Sometimes I ate the candy because I wanted some of it. Soon mom had to go to work and we said goodbye to her and she left for work and we kept counting.

A little bit later we went trick-or-treating and we needed someone to help give out the treats and count how many kids came while we were gone. It was Grandma Bee. So we went out to go trick-or-treating and we said goodbye to Grandma Bee and told her to remember how many kids came by. We went to a lot of houses and after a while it got dark and my trick-or-treating basket was getting full. Dad told me we should go home after the house we were at. We went home and we asked Grandma how many kids came and she said there was 11 kids while we were gone. We added it up and the full total of kids was 51. Then I told dad that there were 51 kids and we had a good time going trick-or-treating on Halloween this year. I had a lot of fun on Halloween and I had a little more candy but not a lot. Soon it became late so we had to go to bed. I watched a little bit of TV before I went to bed. I said goodnight to dad and I told him to have a Happy Halloween! Dad was happy. It was the best Halloween ever! The End.

Matty Iannielli

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The fun time seeing the Michael Jackson movie

Yesterday, on October 30th, I saw a Michael Jackson movie with his concert called Michael Jackson: This is It. I saw it with Dad, Grandma Bee, SpongeBob, and Kitty Kat. It started at 9:45 PM and I thought we would be home by midnight and I was right. The movie was about 2 hours long. I liked the movie and I thought Michael Jackson was a good singer. I feel sad about what happened to him because he had a lot of talent. We had a good time and I almost fell asleep because I was getting tired but I loved the movie. I loved the singing and dancing that Michael Jackson did. Sometimes he stops singing or pauses himself. He is funny when he does that and I sometimes wonder how he does that. I was looking forward to seeing this because dad bought the tickets for it. I'm glad he got tickets for the movie because it was a good movie.

My dad would tell me that he liked Michael Jackson when he played with his brothers in The Jackson 5. He has their albums and he plays them for me in his car or on his DVD player and I really enjoy listening to his music. My favorite songs by Michael Jackson are ABC, I Want You Back, and I'll Be There. Sometimes we listen to his music on Rhapsody and sing along to it.

I think Michael Jackson was a good person who cared and shared his music and his vision. He was very devoted to his music and his fans and by watching the movie you could see how much he cared. It was like we saw a concert with him on the stage. He was a good singer and had respect with his music. His music was very clean and didn't have bad words like the Blink 182 concert we saw in August.

I like his music a lot just like my father did when he was a little boy and I think if I have a kid they will like his music and him too just like I like Elvis Presley's music which my grandpa used to like. Sometimes music lives on even though some artists who sing the songs are gone. These songs are the best songs Michael Jackson made. One of the things I liked about Michael is that he enjoys introducing new musicians and dancers into his shows and gives them the opportunity of a lifetime.

I wish mom could have seen the movie with us but she had to work. I think she would have liked it if she went. I had a good time seeing the movie and since Michael Jackson is gone I still think his music is good. I will still listen to his music and we will always know that he is one of the best music people. Thank you Michael Jackson! We will always love you!

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The fun day at Dorothy's halloween party

Today I went to Dorothy's Halloween party and dad told me that we were going to Dorothy's house for the Halloween party. I didn't remember who Dorothy was so dad told me that she had the bouncy thing and then I remembered. Dad told me to get dressed and I got dressed. We got ready and my parents argued because I could not find good pants to wear. I found some and we all said goodbye to mom and grandma. I wanted to bring my pretend brother SpongeBob so I took him with me. We got in the car and waved goodbye. First we had to get a cake and I was the one to pick it out. Next we had to get gas so we could save some for the trip and not run out. Then we had to get a winter jacket, a sweater and a rain coat at Target. While we were at the counter I picked out some Air Heads candy for me. Dad thought it would be OK to get a Halloween costume on the way back home. While we were in the car I was OK with SpongeBob and we got good clothes for me. When we got there I said hello and ate some macaroni with cheese. Someone gave me some chicken nuggets and I said no thank you because I was afraid that I would be too full to play in the bouncy house. One of the kids were nice and let me go through the haunted house and I got a little scared in there. Then I went to the bouncy house and jumped in there for a little bit. When it was time to get out we saw a Cruella De Vil costume which I got from the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. I said hello and sang the Cruella De Vil song. After that I went inside the haunted house and pretended that I had a sword and stick and I was hitting the skeletons and ghosts. I got scared when the boys scared me. Next I went there again and I was still hitting the ghosts and skeletons in the haunted house. Then the doors were closed so I couldn't go in there again. I was looking for a whistle to scare the kids like they did it to me. I kept on hitting them and I stopped. Soon all the kids went back into the bouncy house. I started jumping up and down on the bouncy house. I saw a girl and I liked her. I made friends with her but she was scared of me. Then it was time to go and we took some food for later and I had a cupcake and we all said goodbye. We were in the car and then Dorothy called dad to tell him that we forgot the cake. We went back to Dorothy's house and we said goodbye and we were on our way. On the way home I got hungry in the car and told dad to stop somewhere to eat. He thought I would like to stop at Wendy's but I said no. We took the Southern State Parkway to Wantagh Avenue so we could go to the pizza place. I wanted only 1 slice of pizza and we got 1 for dad. I got a Vitamin Water drink and I liked the pizza. I felt much better when we left and thanked dad for the pizza. We went home and took all the stuff we needed in the house. I told dad to get a Halloween costume because we still did not have a costume for Halloween so dad went to the store to get one. I liked the costume and said thank you to dad. He said you're welcome. I ate a little more and took off my patch. Then I took my medicine and had a fun day. The End.

Matty Iannielli

Sunday, October 18, 2009

TV shows, TV channels and movies i'm making

Back in 2004 when I was in the hotel in Pennsylvania after I heard a girl crying I made up a TV show called Cry Girl and the Cry Girl Movie was named Cry Boy. I got another idea of a TV show and it was Cat-at the Talking Cat where there was a little boy who named his cat Cat-at and every time the boy was at school Cat-at would talk and come to his friend Dog-at's house. Sometimes he plays with his mouse friend Mouse-at or maybe sometimes he would like to go to his rat friend Rat-at. Back in those days I didn't know how to draw a cat so I drew Cat-at like a circle with 4 legs. In one of the episodes of my show Cat-at I thought it would be funny to make an episode where Cat-at turns into a cloud. In that episode when Cat-at wanted to be a cat again he was crying because he missed the times when he used to be a cat. Then when the boy came home from school Cat-at magically turned back into a cat again and he was so happy to be a cat again. When I started making the TV show Cry Girl I started with 10 episodes to begin making my show. In one of the episodes of Cry Girl the girl met a boy who was sad and she made the boy happy. The first episode of that show was when the crying girl was happy and in episode 2 the girl was crying for the first time. I also made another TV show a little bit before I made the book of The Kettelers I invented a TV show called Alpi The Little Girl which was a little bit related to Cry Girl. She had lots of fun adventures but that show ended in 2006 because I thought it wasn't a good idea or maybe I didn't think of good episodes. Right now I have a TV show called The Zoo. It is about animals that talk to their friends in a zoo in a fake town called Zoo Town. One of my future TV shows are The Ketteler Show based on my book. It will still be about the kettelers and will be a fun show.

All of these shows are on my made-up channel called Matian TV. I like to make a TV show called The Learning Show and I would like to put it on my Matian TV morning program called Matian TV Kids. I like to watch SpongeBob SquarePants and Phineas and Ferb. I still like making TV shows of my own.

I made a movie company called Matian Pictures where I made it. The movies that I made from Matian Pictures are Bertello, Roll of Paper, Paper Towel and The Catat Movie. I think these ideas are really good.

I think making these things are really good. I will keep doing it for my family. The End.

Matty Iannielli

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All about the fun birthday party on October 14th

My grandma's birthday was today, October 14th and we had a fun time celebrating with her and family and friends. When I got home from the bus I came home feeling happy for grandma. I walked into the kitchen where grandma was cooking food and I surprised her saying Happy birthday grandma! She said thank you and she gave me a hug. I went back into the living room and I took off my coat and backpack. After that I did my homework and when I was finished I put it away in my backpack. I went upstairs to see mommy bee and she was asking how my day at school was. I said it was a good day. I asked mom if I could borrow her lap top for a little while. She let me use it and I was happy. I was looking at YouTube with Barney. I looked at The Wiggles and saw a video of The Wiggles Movie. We saw The Wiggles singing their song and we timed it to see how long the movie was. When the movie was over we went downstairs and saw grandma bee in the kitchen. She asked me what I would like for dinner. I said I would want the macaroni. I ate only a little bit of it so she let me eat something else. So I ate a boiled egg with salt and some pepper. I ate good and then one of mommy bee's friends came over to the party. I saw them talking some sort of language that I don't understand and I told them to speak English. Then some of mom's other friends came to visit. We were watching TV and they were still talking silly. After that we did karaoke and sang some songs. We were singing until 7:30 when one of the friends left. Soon Dad came and got the cake. He was sorry for taking so long. We had a chocolate cake and I ate with my mouth and my mom told me that was gross. We all sang happy birthday to grandma bee and she blew out the candles and made a wish. Then we ate the cake and I liked the cake and said it was good. About an hour later Aunt Fe came over and I got scared. The party was good and we all said goodbye to the others. When it was time to go to bed I said happy birthday to grandma and said goodnight. Then mommy bee tucked me in, turned on the alarm clock and said goodnight. Then I slept and dreamed about my birthday. Then I had a good dream. The End.

Matty Iannielli

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playing with my toys, legos and games

When I was a little boy I liked to play games and play with some of my toy cars. I had a singing Barney toy that I have kept for a few years. About a couple years ago I sent it to the toy donation drive. Some other toys that I have sent were a Leap Frog talking machine toy that I have sent in like 2007. I also sent another toy that was called the Alphabet Blocks that talked about things that started with that letter of the alphabet. Another thing I sent were some books which were some Barney books, Elmo books, the ABC baby books and the Little People & Friends books from the TV show.

When I play with games like Sorry, Candy Land, Monopoly, and Connect Four I like to play with grandma and win. My favorite game is Monopoly because I like the part with the money and the houses. I like to play games because they are so much fun and I like them. The best part of games is when you win the game. Sometimes I play new games that I haven't tried before and I start to like them after a while. One of the new games that I have tried like last year was called Family Feud online. I liked to answer the questions of the game. When I play that game and I am up to fast money I think of mom and her lap top. Then she helps me with the answers and I am happy about my score. I also like getting 20,000 points in the game and winning the Family Feud. I once played Polar Bowler and Polar Golfer where I tried to get the pins knocked down in Polar Bowler like you are bowling for a strike. In Polar Golfer you try to get the golf ball into the hole like you are going golfing. I also played Monopoly online one day and I loved it a lot that I wanted to play the game again. Once I played a Bingo game online and I started to like it after I started playing it. There are a lot more games that I have played and they are cool games like the SpongeBob Krabby Patties game, the SpongeBob Collapse game, the Hey Arnold game, and the Jimmy Neutron Blast-off game. Those games are one of my favorite games ever. I think games are fun.

I also love to play with Legos and build a fictional city called Lego City. My dad thinks it looks like New York City and I say it has a big parking lot with 1,000 parking spaces and 75 parking fields. Back in 2008 I started to say that Lego City is under construction. I can build my city with trees near the buildings and my toy cars right by the buildings. In parts of 2009 some of Lego City magically disappeared and most of the buildings were knocked down. I started to rebuild Lego City for 2 times and then I said it became the most dangerous cities ever. It was destroyed by the wind. After all of the buildings were knocked down I had to close it down forever. I sometimes wish for Lego City to come back. Dad says that I have really good ideas when I make that kind of city. I think I had the best city ever.

I think I have a lot of creative ideas and my dad says I can do anything I set my mind to. I will always remember that. Everybody knows I am me and I am happy about that. I will always be the best I can. The End.
Matty Iannielli