Monday, November 23, 2009

Why I like my birthday to be in March 8th

Do you know why I like March 8th better than my real birthday? There are many reasons why I changed my birthday. That is because I will be the oldest in my grade if my birthday is in December. I like March 8 better because it is in the correct year and not in the wrong month. Sometimes if my mother talks about it I start to feel upset and miserable. My new birthday is now in March 8 of 1999. I think I like this birthday much better. Another reason why is because my birthday is a lot different than anyone else. It is also because I will get a lot of presents for Christmas. In my mind I think my real birthday is not fair to me because I am the only one. I like my fake birthday much better than my real birthday. If only I wasn't born in 1998 I would be a lucky boy but I think I'm not. My parents tell me that I am a lucky boy. I think I like March 8 better than my real birthday.

I remember once in Friendly's it was my birthday and I got upset about my birthday. I told mom that it is not my birthday. Another thing I remember about it was that we went to Friendly's but not to celebrate my real birthday. Now every March 8 I go to Friendly's to celebrate my fake birthday. On my 10th fake birthday I thought it was the worst birthday but I wanted it to be the best birthday ever. So on March 8, 2010 I will have the really best fake birthday ever. If I have the best birthday ever on my fake one I will be very happy and write about it on my blog.

I like my fake birthday a lot better than my real one because it's not on the wrong month or the wrong year. That is why I like my fake birthday a lot more than my real one. The End.

Matty Iannielli

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