Monday, November 9, 2009

My story about when I had autism and seizures

When I was younger I had seizures and autism. Dad tells me that it's okay. Right now I don't have those kind of problems anymore. I remember some kinds of times when I had seizures and something like epilepsy. Dad told me that it was a cause of aspergers. I remember some times when I had to be rushed to the hospital like the times I had the bloody nose at the mall and the time I took the cough medicine up to 3/4 dozes. I also remember the time when I was on a school field trip in October 2005 ans I had a seizure and my dad picked me up. I also remember the times when I went to the Schneider Children's Hospital for some appointments. The other time I remember I had a seizure was when I fell asleep unconscious in the box and grandma saw me and called the neighbor. Those times seem scary when these events happen. Now I don't have to worry about those times now because I am better again.

The times when I had seizures started when I fell asleep inside the box. It was scary for grandma because she saw me unconscious in the box with blue lips and purple nails without breathing. Grandma was very scared. So she called JE (Josie) and told her on the telephone what happened to me. She was scared too so she decided to call my Aunt Cathy. My aunt was a professional nurse that knew about seizures and autism. She rushed over to the house and dad saw me. Grandma saw me and then she shook me so I could breathe and then I threw up and I could breathe again. Dad told Cathy that maybe I had to be taken to the hospital. But then Cathy knew what to do so she said to my dad that we don't have to. And then she put me on the couch to rest and I slept again for about 6 hours and they didn't wake me up because they thought I was tired and I needed some rest so I could get better. Then the next day I felt better again and I was cured all thanks to Aunt Cathy and Grandma. Grandma always says a prayer after that. That is the story of the time when I fell asleep into the box unconscious.

Another time I remember was when I had the bloody nose at the Sunrise Mall in like early 2004. That was a scary thing too. I remember we went shopping to buy new clothes for school. A few minutes later I was running around the mall and then I got a bump on my nose and it started to bleed. My parents were really scared that mom was screaming and crying for help. The shirt I was wearing was all covered in blood and the floor too. The janitor mopped up the floor and cleaned it. So someone called the emergency and the ambulance came and took me to the hospital and my parents hoped I would be OK. We went to the Brunswick Hospital in Amityville which closed down sometime in 2006. They helped me and stopped our crying. The nurses there were very nice to us and my nose got better. I got bored in there after waiting for about 2 hours and dad said it was time to go home and we said goodbye to the nurses. We went home and my parents told me to be careful next time and not run around. Then we went to bed and dreamed about happy times. The next day I felt better again and we all had a good time. That is the story about the time I had a bloody nose at the mall.

The other times I remember were when I took the cough medicine up to 3/4 doses and I felt dizzy. That was in the Summer of 2004. My parents took me to the Schneider Children's Hospital and they checked to see if I was feeling OK. They said I was sick from taking the medicine overdose. I felt better and I went home drawing in my notebook. I also remember the time when I had a seizure on a field trip in Long Beach on October 2005. I was having another seizure and dad took me to the hospital and they made me feel better. It was scary too.

There are other times that are scary in your life that might cause problems. At least I feel better now and I haven't had a seizure in a long time. This makes me happy and think of those times. I feel like I'm better again. That is the story of my seizure times when I had autism and the time I got a bloody nose at the mall. I will never forget those times. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Grandma


  1. Matty,

    I couldn't say it any better! You are an amazing kid! I love you so much and am so proud of You!


  2. you are one amazing person you are special to me and Emily i will always be your friend you can email me any time matty i will always be your friend