Monday, November 2, 2009

What I do when I'm helping others

Sometimes when I'm in the Broadway Mall and I'm inside the play area if a little boy or girl is crying because they either got hurt or still want to play I go up to them and say to them and their parents "don't cry there, everything will be all right". Sometimes the parents are thrilled or maybe dad tells me not to do that. If I say that to others sometimes it stops them from crying. I do it because I have a good heart, I want to help them, and I don't like to see them cry. When I was about 8 years old I decided that I wanted to be a superhero when I grow up and help others. When I decided that I wanted to be a superhero, I thought I would save someone who needs help or an old lady having trouble crossing the street. I would also say I would save the dead people and make them free. I would even help little kids when they are crying. Another thing I said was my new name would be Super Matty. My pledge speech would be "no need to fear, Super Matty is here". I thought it would be a good idea if I made a TV show like that.

My dad tells me that if I really want to help people when I get older the first one I have to help is myself. I was born with a condition called epilepsy and also I have bin diagnosed as autistic. I really don't understand what this is all about, but my parents have me on the medical care and I take medication. The first seizure I ever had was at our old residence house at 47 Raspberry Lane. I don't remember it ever happened. But grandma came into the room where I was playing with my toys. She found me unconscious slumped over in a box near the bed and she was so panicked. She ran over to the neighbor to get help and called my dad on the phone. Dad had called his sister who is a nurse after speaking with grandma and asked if she could go over to the house to see me and she came over and saw my condition. She knew right away that I had a Grand Mal seizure and she said that mom and dad should take me to the hospital if it ever happens again.

My dad told me before on his blog page that he had a story about when I was on a school field trip in Long Beach. Soon I had another Grand Mal seizure and dad came over from work in the city right away. Mom came also and I had to be taken to the hospital. They told me that I was having another Grand Mal seizure and I got sick.

I think it is a good idea to help someone if they need my help. I sometimes say that I want to help others and not let them cry. I think it is very important to help others because if I do I will become a good boy. It is good to help others and work together. I think the most important thing is to help others. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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