Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I don't like compliments as much as I used to

When I was a little boy I used to like compliments. I remember some compliments that I used to like without saying I wanted to be like everyone else and I didn't worry if I was the only one to get a compliment. Now it seems that I don't like it as much as I used to like them because I want to be like everybody else now. So now I think it feels much better being like others because I like to help other people and make them happy. That is why I don't like compliments that much anymore. I also know that one summer day the girl across the street said "hi" to me and I felt shy. I know I should say "hello" back to her but I was a little afraid. Those are all facts about when I used to like compliments and what I like now.

I remember some other times that somebody complimented me. One day in 2003 our neighbors J.E. (Josie) and Mark, which I call him Marker, complimented me and said that I am a smart boy. And then I said "thank you" back to them. Another thing I remember about 2003 was that my dad thought I was a smart boy and I used to like when he said those things. On Halloween of 2003 I was a bumblebee costume. And in the pizza place, all the girls thought I was a cute little bumblebee. And I was thrilled with that. One other time in like 2006, someone thought I was a good drawer and painter and I said "thank you" and they were happy. In like 2007, someone gave me a big compliment and everybody else got a little one and I was happy but I asked the teacher to give me a little compliment just like the other kids did. Then that was how I started to like compliments less often.

It seems when we grow things change and become different like how I used to like compliments and how I started to like them less often. I think it is still OK that I don't like compliments a lot. But since I am getting older maybe I'll like compliments more often again just like I did before. It feels that my parents are trying to help me and say things that I want them to say. I think these things are nice and I will try my best in school too. That is the story of when I liked compliments and how I started to like them less often. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Teresa Gonzales (Grandma)

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  1. Matty,

    You have a wonderful way of writing things and I think you're great! Please accept my compliment! I love you and your mommy very much!