Friday, November 26, 2010

My Thanksgiving Story 2010

I had a very fun Thanksgiving this year! Since you know I don't like turkey, I ate only mashed potatoes. Now I will tell you what I did this Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up happy and went down to the kitchen where grandma was cooking and I screamed to her "Happy Thanksgiving!" and grandma was so surprised. She was cooking the turkey for dinner. Soon my dad woke up and I said to him "Happy Thanksgiving!" and even dad was surprised. He went on the computer to go to his Facebook page. He was chatting with his high school friend Meryl. I saw what he was doing and I wanted to talk to her too and ask her if she read my blog and to have a Happy Thanksgiving. I chatted with her and told her "Happy Thanksgiving!" and she said the same thing back to me but she said "Happy Turkey Day". I asked her if she read my blog and she did. I asked if she made any comments but she didn't. Then I told her I was watching Home Alone on Demand because we have IO Digital Cable and she told me it is usually on at this time of year. Dad told me to ask her if she ever saw that movie before and she said she did once or twice. Then we said goodbye and watched the movie. A little while later, mom called up about the turkey. She told me to press the "on" button and to set it to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. I finished up my breakfast and after it I was full. After the movie was over I wanted to see another one but I didn't want dad to waste money so I went upstairs to see my movies and I watched a Garfield cartoon DVD. Dad wanted to take me to the bakery to get a cake, some cookies, and cupcakes. Before we could go we had to go to the bank to get some money, then we could go to Dortoni's to get the cake. So we went home but dad almost forgot to go to the post office to mail a letter so off we went. When we got there dad helped me put the letter in the mailbox. So then we went home. When we got home mom was there and I watched the turkey cook and mom cooked mashed potatoes, stuffing, soybeans, and spinach. Mom put yams in the oven and put marshmallows in it. At dinnertime, we prayed to the pilgrims and thanked them for delicious food and said what we were thankful. We ate and we had a delicious meal. I ate 3 helpings of mashed potatoes. Like I told you earlier, I don't like turkey so that was about the only thing I ate. I was too full to eat macaroni and cheese so I took a break. When we were done eating I helped my dad write a story on his hub. I helped him choose the pictures, videos, links and Amazon links. After that, we ate cake and I ate my canoli. I watched Monsters, Inc. on TV and after the movie I went to my room and went to bed and fell asleep.

Now that was my story. How did you like it? And what did you do this Thanksgiving? Was it fun? Tell me. Thank You.

Matty Iannielli

Monday, November 8, 2010

My fun Halloween 2010

This year I had a great Halloween! I did lots of things and I got to spend it with my dad before he left. I was so lucky because he took the video of me going trick-or-treating on his video camera. I had a good time this year. Now I will tell you what I did this Halloween. We didn't go pumpkin picking this year though, but that was okay.

On Halloween morning I woke up and got out of bed. Then I ran down the stairs and went into my grandma's room saying "Happy Halloween!" to her. I saw the candy and I knew I wasn't supposed to eat it until later. We couldn't find the candy bowls to put the bags of candy in so we had to put it in a basket. I started to get a piece of paper and pencil to count how many kids came to the house. I put on my astronaut costume. No kids came to the house until at least 2 PM because it was on a Sunday. It was a nice sunny day that day, perfect weather to go trick-or-treating. A few kids came after that but then we didn't get any more kids. I knew they would not come because they were busy giving out the candy. I didn't get upset because I knew that someone would come soon and if they saw me upset or taking my costume off like last year, they would be sad. About an hour later more kids came and we were still counting kids. Dad asked if I wanted to go trick-or-treating yet but I didn't want to go yet because I thought it was a little early to go. Then dad said if I go later, then it would be too dark and they will run out of candy. So we went trick-or-treating. Dad took the video and we got to the first house. I said the magic words, you know what they are "trick-or-treat". I took some candy but not a lot. Then we went to some more houses down the block. We went around the block but I wasn't ready to go home yet because I didn't have enough candy. But dad said like always "you never have enough" but really I do. I understand what my parents are trying to tell me. Yeah, yeah just always "don't get too much candy blah blah blah and all that other stuff". I decided to go to my own house just for fun. We continued going trick-or-treating and I was getting a good amount of candy and going to a good amount of houses. On one of the houses I met one of my old teachers. She said feeling surprised "hi Matt, I miss you, how are you". I was surprised too and I was a little scared. On one of the houses I thought of a joke as of my astronaut costume "I guess I just landed on planet candy". Dad told me that my joke was really funny. He said "good one Matty". It sure was a good one since it was Halloween. Soon I was getting enough candy and I was ready to go home. We went home but at one of the neighbors' houses, there was a dog barking at me. I got a little scared. The man gave me some candy and we went home. When we got home, grandma told me that there were 4 kids that came while we were gone. I showed grandma my bag and she told me that she saw someone that looked like me. I told her that it was me. Grandma was so surprised. Then dad told me that we were going to the office to fax some copies of my dad's work. Then we went to the House of Spain (a restaurant where one of my dad's friends work) to do the bank thing. Then we went to my dad's other friend's house to get more candy. After that, we went to get pizza. Then we went home. When we got home, I asked grandma how many kids came while we were gone again. Grandma said that 2 kids came while we left again. Then I found out that 32 kids came this year on Halloween. Last year 51 kids came. Can you believe that? Then I went up to bed and dreamed of being a pumpkin. I had a very fun Halloween this year! I hope next year will be even more fun.

Matty Iannielli

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dad is leaving today. Oh no!

Oh no! I feel so sad to say goodbye to my dad. I know it rhymes but please, that is a childish expression. I get along with friends and I once met a girl in my school. She went to Mrs. Monteiro's office and she was crying because her grandmother was going to Canada. I told her it was okay because my dad would be going to China, which is further away from Canada and I felt the same way she did. She was happy again and thanked me for cheering her up. She walked away smiling.

So since my dad is leaving today at 1 o' clock this afternoon, I am writing this story to cheer up kids or adults that a member of their family is leaving to go far away. It's the same with me. I feel like I want to cry because I will miss my dad so much and I love him so much too. I sure wish he had another week to spend with me but he will be gone for about a week. I may start crying at start, but it will end happily. I know my dad very well and he writes a good blog with stories about me. I feel happy but always sad to say goodbye to him because he is very special to me and I love him so very much.

If one of the people you know are leaving to go far away, then just remember that they will always be there in your heart. Thank You.

To dad:

I will miss you so very much and will never forget you! I love you!

Matty Iannielli

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Matty got the bloody nose at the mall

Hi, it's me again, Matty! And I have to tell you something. I just had a bloody nose today. I have written a story once on my father's blog, "A Father's Love, My Son and Autism". It was the same title I chose for this story. It told all about how I got the bloody nose at the mall by running around so much. It sounds a little scary, but listen to it till the end and then it will get much better. And also, I will add parts of another story in my dad's blog. First, you will hear the story I made that dad helped me with. Then, you will hear an old story my dad made. Now let's begin.

Below here is the story I made a long time ago. It happened in I think February 2004. Here it is.

It all started in early 2004 when we lived in 47 Raspberry Lane in Levittown, New York. We were at the Sunrise Mall buying some clothes for school. About 10 minutes later Matty got a bump by running around the mall. Soon his nose started to bleed and we were scared. We went to the food court and it was bleeding a lot and we didn't know what to do. It was bleeding all over the floor. Even the shirt Matty was wearing was all covered in blood. We were very scared like crazy. The janitor mopped up the floor and cleaned it. Matthew was crying and so was Maria, she said "Help Help". We didn't know what to do still. So someone called the emergency. About five minutes later the ambulance came and took Matty and mommy inside. We hoped he would be ok. We went to Brunswick hospital that eventually closed down sometime in 2006. The blood stopped anyway. We were waiting in the hospital for like almost 2 hours. He got a little bored in there so we left at like 10 pm. The nurses were very nice to us and calmed Matty down and stopped his crying. We were glad that he was ok and because the blood stopped. Now it was time to go home and get some shut eye. It was like a nightmare but now it's over. At home Matty went to bed and thanked us for helping to stop the bleeding at the mall and hospital. He said good night and fell asleep. The End.

Now that was the story of how I got the bloody nose at the mall. Dad helped me write it on his blog. Do you know why it was on his blog instead of on mine? That is because I didn't have a blog back then so I had to write it on my dad's blog. I wrote it on Thursday, August 27, 2009. I was still asking my dad if I could have a blog. I was almost ready for it and I was just starting because before I had the blog I helped my dad with writing the stories and typing them up. He helped me with some spelling errors of the story and now I did it all by myself. You might have heard that I said Matty instead of I. That is because I wanted to copy the original story and not including the ending part where I write my name. No silly, I will include that at the end of this story because I have one more story to show you.

Now below here is the story my dad made himself on the same date of the one I told before. Here it is.

Dad was once deciding since I wanted to write a blog, he could make me one and I could write all the stories and my dad would help me. He said that he knew I like to write in my journal but now, like I told you in my first post called "Introduction", this is my new journal where I can express all about myself, how I feel, what I like to do, where I like to go, what I did in the past, present, and what I will do in the future. He said that it was a big incident that happened over 5 years ago but now a year has passed so it happened over 6 years ago. He also said that I have a really good memory but as I told you before, I don't want too many compliments but the memory thing is still accepted to me. Dad said I was running around in the mall like I always used to. He said they tried to get me to slow down but I probably bumped into a little one of those poster-like things that show a map of the mall and what part of it we were in. My parents were going to the food court and when they found me I was in big trouble. They saw that my nose was bleeding. They grabbed as many tissues as they could. My nose was completely covered in blood and my parents were scared. I was wearing a white t-shirt that was completely soaked in blood. My mom, dad and grandma could not control the bleeding. My mom screamed "Please Help Us!" and my grandmother was praying to god, hoping I would be okay. She tried her best to stop the bleeding. A good sanitarian asked if we had called 911 but we didn't. She called them to get an ambulance to come over to the mall because my nose was bleeding. She stayed by our side until the paramedics came. She was very nice to us. The paramedics came and tried to stop the bleeding but it didn't stop. So they carefully put me on the stretcher to make sure the blood flow would not leak back. It didn't work so they transported me, my parents, and my grandmother to the Brunswick Hospital and my dad followed them behind. The nurses immediately changed my shirt and washed me down and cauterized my nose to stop the bleeding and calm me and my mom down. It was a really scary moment but when the bleeding stopped and I stopped crying my parents and grandma felt much better. My dad signed all the paperwork and gave me a lollipop. The nurses there told me how brave and good I was there. After 2 hours there I got bored but I was very patient. I couldn't wait to go home and the nurses told me not to run around anymore because that could cause even further bleeding. My parents spoke to me about that and I promised. Now I don't run around or get any nosebleeds at the mall anymore all thanks to the nurses and my mom and dad and even grandma too. Then my dad was planning to launch the blog I have now and I was so excited. And that ends me copying some parts of one of my dad's old stories from August 2009.

Now that was the story I copied from my dad's blog. How did you like it? Was it scary? Did it start scary and get better? And also, did you realize that in that one I put I instead of Matty? That is because my dad wrote this all by himself but if I helped him with a little of it, then I would've put Matty instead of I. It sounds a little topsy-turvy from my story to dad's story but as over a year passed by, I did both. And did you know that I also put Matty instead of I on the older one on my dad's blog? It's true. If you don't believe it, then just go to my dad's blog, "A Father's Love, My Son and Autism" and I will give you proof. Now those are all the stories I can tell you about from the bloody nose incident. And if you read the last paragraph carefully, then you will see that I didn't put "the end" yet. But wait, I will put it after the next paragraph is over. So read it carefully like I told you about before in the last paragraph.

As all those 6 years have passed by, I have learned a very important lesson a few years ago. "Do not run around in places like the mall, otherwise you will get a bloody nose just like I did". So please remember that, especially if you know that already because it is very important, even if you're as curious as me and you're at a mall like Westfield (Sunrise) Mall. That was the mall I went to when I had the bloody nose. You may realize that because it is close to the Brunswick Hospital. It is in Amityville, New York (which is in Long Island). You may know that because you may know where I live from one of my older posts. And don't forget, Brunswick Hospital closed down sometime in 2006, like I told you before. So if you live near me and you want to find it, just remember that because you will not find it. And don't go too fast while you drive or you will bump your nose if you don't watch where you're going and you're nose may start to bleed like mine did. So be a lot more careful wherever you go and remember to look out so you don't get a bloody nose. Thank You. The End.

Matty Iannielli