Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One year of writing in my blog

I have been celebrating one whole year of writing on my blog. I have written many stories and now this is the moment I have been looking forward to for 365 days now. I have started writing last year on Monday, August 31, 2009 starting with my very first post called "Introduction". I am so happy because I have celebrated a year of writing stories about myself. I think it is good to write about yourself because it talks about how you feel when something happens to you or anything else.

My very first post had described who I am, what I like and what I don't like, that I like my name short and simple, what makes me happy, where I like to go, and many other things about me. I have posted other stories after that like "A story I wrote about The Ketteler family in my black and white book, How I started to like rolls of paper and drawing, My fun vacation to Pennsylvania, All about school at Salk and memories of Summit Lane, How I liked maps in the past, My summer at Camp Kehilla, Why I like movies and TV shows, Why I like numbers and Memories of what I did in the summer time". After those posts I posted another story because dad wanted his blog to go up to a thousand posts. So I had an idea to write a story about what it might be like if I had 1,000 stories on my blog. I decided to write a story called "If I had 1,000 stories on my blog page". Do you remember me talking about what it would be like having 1,000 stories on your blog in that story? Next I posted even more stories like "Why I like cars and how I played with my toy cars, Why I like Halloween, Playing with my toys legos and games, All about the fun birthday party on October 14th, TV shows TV channels and movies I'm making, The fun day at Dorothy's Halloween party, The fun time seeing the Michael Jackson movie. The fun time going trick-or-treating on Halloween, What I do when I'm helping others, Memories of Pop and Lolo Beto, and My story about when I had Autism and Seizures". If you have ever heard of it or read about it before, you probably know what it might be about. That's right. I am also autistic and if you read my dad's blog "A Father's Love, My Son and Autism". It was about proper events about what have happened to me in the past that make children like me autistic. I have also posted a lot more stories about my emotions, things I like, things I don't like, where we like to go and where we have went in the past, what I like and don't like to do, and many other things about me.

Since I have been celebrating one year of writing I am happy because I like writing so much. Now my blog is a year old and I am so very happy about that. It has been a year old since the second I have posted this story. If you have a blog like me and if you view the very first post that you ever wrote, memorize the date and when it comes, write a story about how you feel about it. Thank You!

Matty Iannielli

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I like about Summer

Every time Summer starts to come I feel even happier than when Spring starts to come because the weather gets hot, the school year ends and the pool starts to open. I think that Summer is my most favorite season of the year.

The things that I like about Summer are that school starts to end and I can go to the pool. I like to go to camp sometimes but this year I couldn't go because my dad didn't have money to send me but if he did I would still go. I like to go to the beach so I can cool down in the water, build sand castles and dig holes in the sand. About Summer I always say "no school and go in the pool". That is my saying for Summer. I like to play ball outside. I like to ride my bike around the block sometimes. I like to go to the park with Mom and go down the slide and on the swing. The last thing I like about Summer is that I can get ice cream at the ice cream truck.

The only thing that I don't like about Summer is the end of it.

As Summer becomes Fall I feel sad because Spring is my most favorite season out of all 4 of them. But I will always remember it because we have videos on our YouTube channel where we went to the beach and driving to the beach. Then school starts to come and I feel very sad but a little happy because I like Summer so much. But don't worry because I will never forget the memories of every Summer. We will never forget Summer because it is one of the most funnest seasons of the year.

Matty Iannielli