Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I like about Summer

Every time Summer starts to come I feel even happier than when Spring starts to come because the weather gets hot, the school year ends and the pool starts to open. I think that Summer is my most favorite season of the year.

The things that I like about Summer are that school starts to end and I can go to the pool. I like to go to camp sometimes but this year I couldn't go because my dad didn't have money to send me but if he did I would still go. I like to go to the beach so I can cool down in the water, build sand castles and dig holes in the sand. About Summer I always say "no school and go in the pool". That is my saying for Summer. I like to play ball outside. I like to ride my bike around the block sometimes. I like to go to the park with Mom and go down the slide and on the swing. The last thing I like about Summer is that I can get ice cream at the ice cream truck.

The only thing that I don't like about Summer is the end of it.

As Summer becomes Fall I feel sad because Spring is my most favorite season out of all 4 of them. But I will always remember it because we have videos on our YouTube channel where we went to the beach and driving to the beach. Then school starts to come and I feel very sad but a little happy because I like Summer so much. But don't worry because I will never forget the memories of every Summer. We will never forget Summer because it is one of the most funnest seasons of the year.

Matty Iannielli

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