Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dad is leaving today. Oh no!

Oh no! I feel so sad to say goodbye to my dad. I know it rhymes but please, that is a childish expression. I get along with friends and I once met a girl in my school. She went to Mrs. Monteiro's office and she was crying because her grandmother was going to Canada. I told her it was okay because my dad would be going to China, which is further away from Canada and I felt the same way she did. She was happy again and thanked me for cheering her up. She walked away smiling.

So since my dad is leaving today at 1 o' clock this afternoon, I am writing this story to cheer up kids or adults that a member of their family is leaving to go far away. It's the same with me. I feel like I want to cry because I will miss my dad so much and I love him so much too. I sure wish he had another week to spend with me but he will be gone for about a week. I may start crying at start, but it will end happily. I know my dad very well and he writes a good blog with stories about me. I feel happy but always sad to say goodbye to him because he is very special to me and I love him so very much.

If one of the people you know are leaving to go far away, then just remember that they will always be there in your heart. Thank You.

To dad:

I will miss you so very much and will never forget you! I love you!

Matty Iannielli

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  1. Matty,
    I love you and your mommy very very much and i will always love you! i will see you with some nice toys in a week! Remember to do your best in school and always stay as nice as you are. you have a kind heart. You were so kind in cheering up your classmate at school. I am very proud of you!