Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All about the fun birthday party on October 14th

My grandma's birthday was today, October 14th and we had a fun time celebrating with her and family and friends. When I got home from the bus I came home feeling happy for grandma. I walked into the kitchen where grandma was cooking food and I surprised her saying Happy birthday grandma! She said thank you and she gave me a hug. I went back into the living room and I took off my coat and backpack. After that I did my homework and when I was finished I put it away in my backpack. I went upstairs to see mommy bee and she was asking how my day at school was. I said it was a good day. I asked mom if I could borrow her lap top for a little while. She let me use it and I was happy. I was looking at YouTube with Barney. I looked at The Wiggles and saw a video of The Wiggles Movie. We saw The Wiggles singing their song and we timed it to see how long the movie was. When the movie was over we went downstairs and saw grandma bee in the kitchen. She asked me what I would like for dinner. I said I would want the macaroni. I ate only a little bit of it so she let me eat something else. So I ate a boiled egg with salt and some pepper. I ate good and then one of mommy bee's friends came over to the party. I saw them talking some sort of language that I don't understand and I told them to speak English. Then some of mom's other friends came to visit. We were watching TV and they were still talking silly. After that we did karaoke and sang some songs. We were singing until 7:30 when one of the friends left. Soon Dad came and got the cake. He was sorry for taking so long. We had a chocolate cake and I ate with my mouth and my mom told me that was gross. We all sang happy birthday to grandma bee and she blew out the candles and made a wish. Then we ate the cake and I liked the cake and said it was good. About an hour later Aunt Fe came over and I got scared. The party was good and we all said goodbye to the others. When it was time to go to bed I said happy birthday to grandma and said goodnight. Then mommy bee tucked me in, turned on the alarm clock and said goodnight. Then I slept and dreamed about my birthday. Then I had a good dream. The End.

Matty Iannielli

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