Sunday, October 25, 2009

The fun day at Dorothy's halloween party

Today I went to Dorothy's Halloween party and dad told me that we were going to Dorothy's house for the Halloween party. I didn't remember who Dorothy was so dad told me that she had the bouncy thing and then I remembered. Dad told me to get dressed and I got dressed. We got ready and my parents argued because I could not find good pants to wear. I found some and we all said goodbye to mom and grandma. I wanted to bring my pretend brother SpongeBob so I took him with me. We got in the car and waved goodbye. First we had to get a cake and I was the one to pick it out. Next we had to get gas so we could save some for the trip and not run out. Then we had to get a winter jacket, a sweater and a rain coat at Target. While we were at the counter I picked out some Air Heads candy for me. Dad thought it would be OK to get a Halloween costume on the way back home. While we were in the car I was OK with SpongeBob and we got good clothes for me. When we got there I said hello and ate some macaroni with cheese. Someone gave me some chicken nuggets and I said no thank you because I was afraid that I would be too full to play in the bouncy house. One of the kids were nice and let me go through the haunted house and I got a little scared in there. Then I went to the bouncy house and jumped in there for a little bit. When it was time to get out we saw a Cruella De Vil costume which I got from the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. I said hello and sang the Cruella De Vil song. After that I went inside the haunted house and pretended that I had a sword and stick and I was hitting the skeletons and ghosts. I got scared when the boys scared me. Next I went there again and I was still hitting the ghosts and skeletons in the haunted house. Then the doors were closed so I couldn't go in there again. I was looking for a whistle to scare the kids like they did it to me. I kept on hitting them and I stopped. Soon all the kids went back into the bouncy house. I started jumping up and down on the bouncy house. I saw a girl and I liked her. I made friends with her but she was scared of me. Then it was time to go and we took some food for later and I had a cupcake and we all said goodbye. We were in the car and then Dorothy called dad to tell him that we forgot the cake. We went back to Dorothy's house and we said goodbye and we were on our way. On the way home I got hungry in the car and told dad to stop somewhere to eat. He thought I would like to stop at Wendy's but I said no. We took the Southern State Parkway to Wantagh Avenue so we could go to the pizza place. I wanted only 1 slice of pizza and we got 1 for dad. I got a Vitamin Water drink and I liked the pizza. I felt much better when we left and thanked dad for the pizza. We went home and took all the stuff we needed in the house. I told dad to get a Halloween costume because we still did not have a costume for Halloween so dad went to the store to get one. I liked the costume and said thank you to dad. He said you're welcome. I ate a little more and took off my patch. Then I took my medicine and had a fun day. The End.

Matty Iannielli

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