Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playing with my toys, legos and games

When I was a little boy I liked to play games and play with some of my toy cars. I had a singing Barney toy that I have kept for a few years. About a couple years ago I sent it to the toy donation drive. Some other toys that I have sent were a Leap Frog talking machine toy that I have sent in like 2007. I also sent another toy that was called the Alphabet Blocks that talked about things that started with that letter of the alphabet. Another thing I sent were some books which were some Barney books, Elmo books, the ABC baby books and the Little People & Friends books from the TV show.

When I play with games like Sorry, Candy Land, Monopoly, and Connect Four I like to play with grandma and win. My favorite game is Monopoly because I like the part with the money and the houses. I like to play games because they are so much fun and I like them. The best part of games is when you win the game. Sometimes I play new games that I haven't tried before and I start to like them after a while. One of the new games that I have tried like last year was called Family Feud online. I liked to answer the questions of the game. When I play that game and I am up to fast money I think of mom and her lap top. Then she helps me with the answers and I am happy about my score. I also like getting 20,000 points in the game and winning the Family Feud. I once played Polar Bowler and Polar Golfer where I tried to get the pins knocked down in Polar Bowler like you are bowling for a strike. In Polar Golfer you try to get the golf ball into the hole like you are going golfing. I also played Monopoly online one day and I loved it a lot that I wanted to play the game again. Once I played a Bingo game online and I started to like it after I started playing it. There are a lot more games that I have played and they are cool games like the SpongeBob Krabby Patties game, the SpongeBob Collapse game, the Hey Arnold game, and the Jimmy Neutron Blast-off game. Those games are one of my favorite games ever. I think games are fun.

I also love to play with Legos and build a fictional city called Lego City. My dad thinks it looks like New York City and I say it has a big parking lot with 1,000 parking spaces and 75 parking fields. Back in 2008 I started to say that Lego City is under construction. I can build my city with trees near the buildings and my toy cars right by the buildings. In parts of 2009 some of Lego City magically disappeared and most of the buildings were knocked down. I started to rebuild Lego City for 2 times and then I said it became the most dangerous cities ever. It was destroyed by the wind. After all of the buildings were knocked down I had to close it down forever. I sometimes wish for Lego City to come back. Dad says that I have really good ideas when I make that kind of city. I think I had the best city ever.

I think I have a lot of creative ideas and my dad says I can do anything I set my mind to. I will always remember that. Everybody knows I am me and I am happy about that. I will always be the best I can. The End.
Matty Iannielli

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