Sunday, October 18, 2009

TV shows, TV channels and movies i'm making

Back in 2004 when I was in the hotel in Pennsylvania after I heard a girl crying I made up a TV show called Cry Girl and the Cry Girl Movie was named Cry Boy. I got another idea of a TV show and it was Cat-at the Talking Cat where there was a little boy who named his cat Cat-at and every time the boy was at school Cat-at would talk and come to his friend Dog-at's house. Sometimes he plays with his mouse friend Mouse-at or maybe sometimes he would like to go to his rat friend Rat-at. Back in those days I didn't know how to draw a cat so I drew Cat-at like a circle with 4 legs. In one of the episodes of my show Cat-at I thought it would be funny to make an episode where Cat-at turns into a cloud. In that episode when Cat-at wanted to be a cat again he was crying because he missed the times when he used to be a cat. Then when the boy came home from school Cat-at magically turned back into a cat again and he was so happy to be a cat again. When I started making the TV show Cry Girl I started with 10 episodes to begin making my show. In one of the episodes of Cry Girl the girl met a boy who was sad and she made the boy happy. The first episode of that show was when the crying girl was happy and in episode 2 the girl was crying for the first time. I also made another TV show a little bit before I made the book of The Kettelers I invented a TV show called Alpi The Little Girl which was a little bit related to Cry Girl. She had lots of fun adventures but that show ended in 2006 because I thought it wasn't a good idea or maybe I didn't think of good episodes. Right now I have a TV show called The Zoo. It is about animals that talk to their friends in a zoo in a fake town called Zoo Town. One of my future TV shows are The Ketteler Show based on my book. It will still be about the kettelers and will be a fun show.

All of these shows are on my made-up channel called Matian TV. I like to make a TV show called The Learning Show and I would like to put it on my Matian TV morning program called Matian TV Kids. I like to watch SpongeBob SquarePants and Phineas and Ferb. I still like making TV shows of my own.

I made a movie company called Matian Pictures where I made it. The movies that I made from Matian Pictures are Bertello, Roll of Paper, Paper Towel and The Catat Movie. I think these ideas are really good.

I think making these things are really good. I will keep doing it for my family. The End.

Matty Iannielli

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