Thursday, December 24, 2009

Matty's Christmas

Every Christmas and in the Christmas season I am gathering for Santa Claus and writing my list. I also like singing Christmas songs on the radio or singing with my voice. My favirit songs to sing on Christmas time are Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Deck The Halls, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24, Silver Bells, Winter Wonderland, The SpongeBob Christmas Song, and lots more. I wrote my Christmas Wish List to Santa and I wanted a Roll of Paper, a lot of Money, a Bingo Game, Uno Cards, some Dominoes, a few toys, and some Walt Disney Movies.

During the Christmas season every year Dad promised me that we will go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. They do a good Christmas show. Last year, we saw them play in New Jersey at the IZOD Center because we missed them play at the Nassau Coliseum. We enjoyed the concert very much and Dad said we will see them again next year at the Nassau Coliseum. We finally went to the concert in Christmas 2009 with Kitty Kat (my cousin) and it was fun. I also sang along with the song and I was pretending that I was guitaring. The music they played there was like the music we hear on the radio. After the middle of the show I asked Dad if we could take a walk to get a refreshment and Dad got me a pretzel and a bottle of water and he bought their Christmas Cd. I liked the concert a lot. I think that was my very first time ever going to the Nassau Coliseum. I can't wait to go to the concert again next year because it reminds me of Christmas time.

On December 24th, we were getting ready for preperation for Santa's visit and Dad reminded me to leave out milk and cookies for Santa Claus so he would come. Then I went up to bed and I went upstairs to bed like Dad told me to. As I fell asleep I was dreaming of being an elf in Santa's workshop. When I was asleep Dad saw Santa come at around 2:15 in the morning. Dad had to leave water for the reindeer because they were thirsty. Santa thanked us for the cookies and milk.

On Christmas Day, I woke up feeling very happy that it was finally Christmas. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to Grandma Bee and I said "Merry Christmas Grandma Bee!" and she was suprised. She said Merry Christmas back to me. As I went to the kitchen to see Mom I saw a note and it said that Santa came around 2:00 in the morning. Dad said he saw Santa come last night and he thanked us for the cookies and milk. Then he said that the reindeer were thirsty so he left out water for the reindeer. I was very suprised. I asked Dad how he saw Santa if he comes while you are sleeping. I saw the plate and it was empty. I knew now that he ate it all. A little bit later I opened presents with my Mom, Dad, and Grandma Bee. I got some legos and cars. This year I didn't get any rolls of paper like I asked for so I could complete my collection. I also got a new SpongeBob: The First 100 Episodes Box Set for Christmas. I got some Walt Disney movies and some pencils for my roll of paper. I got some puzzles and some new games. I got a lot of new sheets of paper. I got about 5,000 sheets of paper. I am sad that I didn't get any new dominoes. We went to Aunt Kathy's house. I got a lot of presents this Christmas. I had a lot of fun there! Then we went home to sing by the tree.

I had a very fun Christmas this year. I can't beleive that the year is almost over. I think I had a good Christmas! I think Christmas is one of the best holidays ever! The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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