Friday, January 1, 2010

The fun time at Marty's house in Pennsylvania

On the last day of the year 2009 we went to Dad's high school friend Marty's house. Dad said to me that we were going to Pennsylvania to visit Dad's high school friend Marty. Dad told me that he hasn't seen him in a very long time. In the afternoon we said goodbye to Mom and Grandma Bee and went in the car. First before we went, we had to get cookies at the bakery in Levittown, New York. Second, we went to the gas station because we had a long trip to get there. Third, we went to the bank to get money. Last, we went to Wendy's because I was hungry from the long trip. Now we were on our way.

Dad had his navigating system to help him from getting lost. We started out on the Meadowbrook Parkway because we missed the entrance to the Wantagh Parkway. As we entered the Northern Parkway I wrote down the exits just like I did before. We had the radio on listening to the countdown to New Year 2010. It took us about 3 and a half hours to get there.

By the time we got there it was night time and we got lost driving on his block so we had to call him for help. We arrived at the house around 7:00 PM and we got to visit Marty and his family. We introduced ourselves and took a look at the house. We went down to the basement where we saw the old Buick car that Marty showed us. The girl I met there was named Breena. I went in Breena's room and I played hide and seek with her. She told me that she liked Hannah Montana and i said "eww, you like Hannah Montana? That is for girly girls" and she laughed and said "but I like her". I still liked Breena though, so we played some games and read books. Breena's friends arrived and we got to say "hello" to them. We played on the computer and made up our own story. We played Candy Land. Before the year was over we got to see the ball drop. It was fun. While I was counting down to the new year I was thinking about Christmas and why years pass by so fast. It was new year and we were all so happy and I said "goodbye 2009 and hello 2010". I had some cookies and root beer while I watched the ball drop. After the new year I was still playing with Breena because the kids had to go for the night. I also pretended to say to the new year "hi 2010, my name is Matty". I said my final goodbye to 2009. Then Marty invited us to stay overnight. I was so tired because I stayed up till about 1:00 AM. So Marty set up the air bed for us and Dad and I all said goodnight to Marty and Breena. Dad had to sleep on the couch because I was moving too much. So I fell asleep and dreamed of more 2009.

In the morning I woke up and I was crying because I missed my Mom and I missed 2009 so much that I wanted it to stay. I calmed down and when I went upstairs, Dad told me to be quiet because they were sleeping so I went back to sleep. When Dad woke me up I didn't want to get up because I thought I still had to sleep. So Marty woke me up and we went to the Rise and Shine restaurant in Pennsylvania. We said goodbye to Marty and Breena and we thanked them for taking us out so we headed home. Along the way we got some pizza in New Jersey and we stopped to get fruit slices at the Willowbrook Mall in New Jersey. We passed New York City and we took the Throgs Neck Bridge to Queens. We were almost home and we took the Wantagh Parkway home and we went home to pick Grandma up for Angelina, which I call Millenium Girl because her birthday is on January 1 in 2000. That is why I call her Millenium Girl. We had a good new year. I had fun going to Breena and Marty's house. Dad had fun too! The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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