Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad 2010

One day, Dad told me that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was on my Dad's birthday, which was on January 18th. On January 18th, I woke up and shouted to Dad, "happy birthday Dad". He was so surprised. Mom told me about Dad's birthday party. She told me that we're going to Friendly's for Dad's birthday and to buy a cake.

Later that night Mom called us because she told us that she was waiting at the parking lot for about 20 minutes. We went there to go see Mommy Bee and to see how she was doing. We ordered some dinner and I got the mini mozzarella sticks. We ordered some ice cream for Dad's birthday. We got some ice cream cake to celebrate. When we got home, we ate some cake and sang "happy birthday" to my Dad. We went to bed and said goodnight and happy birthday to Dad. I fell asleep and dreamed about my birthday being the best birthday ever! The End

Matty Iannielli

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