Saturday, October 30, 2010

The wonder of Halloween

It seems that Halloween is like a kids holiday that most kids celebrate for going trick-or-treating and collecting lots and lots of candy. I feel that it is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year. Before it starts, the kids' parents go shopping to get their kids costumes and to buy lots of candy and sometimes they take their kids to select the candy and costumes they want to pick.

I like Halloween a lot because it is a really fun holiday! I always like to help my dad pick out the candy and he will help me select my costume.

They are very happy going to houses and getting as many candy as possible. Some kids like to go trick-or-treating at their own house and that just makes me want to laugh. I think it is a lot of fun to go trick-or-treating. Sometimes people get pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch to turn them into jack-o-lanterns. First, they get a few pumpkins. Second, get a carving knife. Third, cut out the eyes and nose as triangles. Fourth, cut the mouth out. Fifth, you have made your jack-o-lantern.

I heard that if some kids were allergic to candy, those poor kids would have to not go trick-or-treating. Dad asked me if I knew what it would be like if I were allergic to candy. I always think it would be too bad. I am so lucky that I am not allergic to candy.

It seems Halloween passes by so quickly just like the years. First, it starts to be Halloween. Then, in a snap, Halloween is over. Just like I told you in the older post about how I will miss the years and how they are so fast like a fast car on an interstate. After Halloween it will be Thanksgiving. And now when Halloween comes, I will help count how many kids came by and if I had fun, then I will write about it in my blog.

As you see, you know how much I love Halloween. So if you have a fun Halloween, tell me. Thank You.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Grandma Bee

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