Saturday, October 9, 2010

Having fun going to the movies with Dad

Since I was a little boy, I loved going to the movie theater to see a new movie and if I loved it a lot, I would see it another time. If I liked it a little bit, I would only see it once. Sometimes I see movies about 2 or 3 times. Sometimes I missed a movie that I would have liked and if it wasn't playing in the theatres anymore, I would like to get it on DVD or Blue-ray because I missed it.

I like going to the movies. My favorite places to see a movie are at the Levittown Loews, Broadway Multiplex Theatre, Farmingdale Multiplex Theatre and Westbury Loews. My favorite movies to see are Pixar movies, Disney movies and Dreamworks Animation movies. I only like to see children's movies. The only ratings of children's movies that I like to see are rated G and PG movies. If I like it, I like to get it on DVD or Blue-ray. Sometimes I like to get classic children's movies to complete my collection. Sometimes if I only have that kind of movie on VHS, I might like to get it on DVD because I hear that videos are no longer sold in stores. If I like that movie and I only have it on VHS, that is why I get it on DVD. If I saw that movie in the theatre and I didn't like it that much, I might not buy that movie when it comes out on DVD.

Everyone likes seeing movies. Right? I do too and when I grow up and I have kids, I would like to have a really big collection of movies and show them to my kids and teach them how they work. I will also tell them about videotapes. Do you know what I will do to all of those videos? I will keep them in display in my house in a big box of videos. And also, that's right, when I'm grown up, I will teach them about display and yes, how people used to insert the video.

As we grow up, we all change and may start to like violent movies and even ones with bad words. And we may also outgrow children's movies but I will not. I may also start to like those kind of movies but the thing I don't like is the bad words. When I get older, I will not, no matter what, ever outgrow children's movies because they are much safer and funny and best of all, happy. And classic movies will be in my heart forever and ever because they also make us happy. And last, I will never outgrow classic movies. They make me happy and you too. The End.

Matty Iannielli

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