Friday, October 15, 2010

What I like about Fall (Autumn)

Sometimes when the Summer ends and Fall (a.k.a. Autumn) starts to come I feel a little happy but sometimes a little sad because I might miss Summer and swimming in the pool. But now we have to go back to school and learn more about the world around us. When school starts every September I always try my best to be on my best behavior like my mom and dad always tell me to. In my feelings I think that Fall is my 3rd favorite season out of all 4 of them.

The things I like about Fall are when I can see the leaves change colors. It is so amazing when you can watch the leaves change colors and fall off of the trees. Another thing I like is when I can jump in the pile of leaves for fun. Sometimes I like to help my parents rake the yard. It is so much fun to help my parents but still of course it is a lot of work. On the last day of October I like to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, help sort the candy, help count how many kids come to the house, and collect lots and lots of candy. On Columbus Day if school is cancelled, I like to do whatever I want. On Thanksgiving, I help mom out in the kitchen and setting up the tables. Those are all the things I like about Fall.

The things I don't like about Fall are when the weather gets colder. But at least it's much better than Winter weather. Another thing I don't like is that Summer is over and we have to go back to school. But I know I have to so I can get my education. I also don't like when Fall ends. Those are all the things I don't like about Fall.

After a while, Fall becomes Winter and then snow starts to come. It is sometimes sad to say goodbye to Fall, but Winter is still a good season, even though it is my least favorite. All the seasons go by so fast, but not too fast, because they will be in your memory forever, even Fall. That's why I write a story about Fall, because I like it. And don't worry, we will never forget Fall because we love it so much. Thank you Fall!

Matty Iannielli

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  1. That was good :) I agree with you. We never forget Fall:)
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