Friday, October 29, 2010

The magic and joy of writing

If you have read my story about celebrating one year of writing, then you may know that I have been writing this blog for over a year and would like to tell you that you can write just about anything your mind tells you about. For me writing is a way to say things that's hard for me to speak in front of others. When I write I can think and I can concintrate more on what I like to write about. Writing is sometimes hard too because you need to have ideas and a way with expressing it with the right words. It takes time to write naturally and sometimes it seems harder writing when you are not sure exactly what to write.

When I have an idea and something I like, that is when I enjoy writing. My whole point in writing is to share my ideas and vision and express with the words that I feel give it my personal touch. Sometimes I have so many ideas in my head that it's hard to know exactly which one to work with. If I write about something I did with my family, then it seems easier because I am relating something that actally happened like going to the movies or the beach. I like this kind of writing because I am expressing fun things I did with mom and dad and grandma. I would also like to write about my experiences at camp and playing with the other kids because I'm a kid and I want to write about the friends I meet and the fun things I did at camp. If you read my blog when I went to Camp Kehilla, you would see how much I enjoyed it. I miss the camp and could not go this past summer since my family's on a budget. Mom and Dad promised though that I would go to a Summer program in school with fun activities and kids my age. They are trying to help me in my development.

I like to write about my family life and sometimes wished I had a brother or sister to grow up with. Mom and Dad really love me and they always say how much they love me and I say back "you tell me that evrey day". LOL. When mom kisses me, I say "ewww, gross". I even say the same thing when my daddy kisses me. This past weekend was a really fun weekend because I went to Sunken Meadow State Park with mommy and grandma and then at night I went to Wal-Mart to by halloween candy and my astronaut costume and then after that we went to see Secretariat in the movies at Loews in Levittown. After the movie we went to Wendy's to get a late dinner and then we went home and dad gave me my medicine after I ate my chicken nuggets and french fries. After my medication I kissed mom goodnight and dad tucked me into my bed and promised me we would go trick-or-treating for Halloween which was Sunday. Halloween was a lot of fun giving out all the candy to all the kids. I counted the amount of kids that came to the house and how many bags of candy we had left. We needed to make sure we had enough and it turned out that we had more than enough as less kids came this year than last year.

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