Monday, October 25, 2010

Dad is leaving to go to China :,(

Oh no! My dad is going to China for his work. He has told me that a few weeks ago and like always, I will miss him. He will be gone for about a week. He always tells me to behave while he's gone. I will not be able to reach him by phone because he will be so far away. He said today that he will be leaving by next week. He will also need a passport because he will be on a big plane. I will be very sad to say goodbye to him before he leaves. And also, before he leaves, I promise my best of all that I will do better in school. I love my dad and he loves me. I sure wish my dad still had some more time to spend with me. And I also asked him if he could surprise me by bringing me a little toy from China. I truly care for my dad because he means a lot to me.

To dad:

I will miss you when you will leave for China. I hope you have a good time there and oh, don't forget to bring me a surprise toy from China. I also hope you get there and back home safely. I promise with all my heart, that I will do a lot better in school . I will miss you so much. Mom, Grandma, and my fake brother SpongeBob will all miss you too. Thank You.

Matty Iannielli

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  1. Dear Matty,
    I am very lucky to have you and your mommy in my life and I will miss you too! I will be away for a week and promise that the next flight I make will be with you, mommy and grandma to Disney World! I will surprise you with a nice toy from China. I will be busy with work but will be thinking of you all!