Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just use your imagination

It seems that all of us use our imagination for some reason. I do too and since my last posts about pop, I have told you that I imagine that my grandpa is still alive. Even if one of your best friends aren't here anymore, you can always still imagine that they're still here. I do too and that's all you need to make your life so much better.

Sometimes at night when I am trying to sleep, I think back to times when I was just a little kid and how things seemed so much more simpler. I remember when mom would read my favorite Dr. Seuss books like The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Those were good books and I would always have a smile and a kiss for my mom because I know how much she loves me. Dad would always come up too to give me a good night kiss and tuck me in the bed after mom kissed me too.

I am still a young kid and still mom still reads to me sometimes which brings me back to that time. I am old enough to read myself to sleep. Reading is a lot of fun because you can read many types of books and they all have different stories and some are very magical as they take you on a journey. My favorite book series is The Magic Tree House and I have read about 6 or 7 of the books. My favorite book is the one about the dinosaurs. It's cool because it takes you back in time to the prehistoric age.

Grandpa sometimes came over to read stories and play legos with me. Sometimes pop would pretend to crack an egg on my head and rub his hands. I would also show pop my domino chain which I would start on one side of the room and end on the other side and pop would always say that there is no limit of how far you can go. He would always tell me that I could do anything in my life if I set my mind to it. He also said that the more you see, the more you can imagine. And when you can imagine, you also can dream and when you dream, you feel happy.

As the time has gone by and I no longer see my pop, I feel he's in a good place and I speak to him in my prayers. I also hold my daddy's hands and I always tell him to always remember your dad. In fact, we had just celebrated pop's birthday and I asked dad to get a birthday cake as a remembrance of him and we even sang happy birthday to pop and I gave my daddy a hug and I said "it will be okay, pop is in a good place with grandma" and daddy hugged me back and said "thank you". I like to imagine happy things and if I see something I don't like, I try to think of a good thing because I want to smile instead of crying. I enjoy having good times with mommy and daddy and I enjoy going to fun places. We have went to Great Adventure, Hershey Park, Dorney Park, Adventureland, and Fun Zone. I think it is so much fun to go places you want to go. But remember that you can do just about anything or be anyone you want because that is what you like.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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