Sunday, September 27, 2009

If I had 1,000 stories on my blog page

When I get older and I get 1,000 stories on my blog page I think my little boy will be so happy and my parents will feel happy for me. It will feel like I made a story on my blog for every day on my page. If I have a kid when I'm older I will let them help me with a blog and tell them what my father was telling me when I wanted a blog. After I do my last blog ever it will be like a party for making the last story on my Blog Spot page. I might invite all of my local friends in the house, even my father. If my father makes it up to 1,000 stories I will be so happy for him just like if he will be happy for me. Can you imagine making one story every day of the week? It will be more than 5,000 pages in the book if it was only one big giant book. Now that dad has almost 100 stories on his blog I am so happy for him. When I get up to 200 or 500 stories I will be happy for myself and this is why. When I have 200 stories on my blog my mind will say good job and keep going for your father. If I have 500 stories on my blog my mind will say good job, you're halfway there because that is where I am up to. When I get up to 100 stories on my Blog Spot page I will be happy and my dad will be happy too. I feel happy that dad is almost at his 100th blog. He only has one more story to go and then he has made it to 100 stories. The last story on my blog might be about me saying goodbye on a blog and everyone signing their name in the family on the post. If I need any help with my story I will ask my father for help.

When I write, I will write about my experiences about school, my after school activities, and about my family. I will also write about some cool movies that we go see and I think I will write a story about Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving of course. That's the beauty of my blog which is writing about anything and everything. Thank You until the next story.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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