Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How I started to like rolls of paper and drawing

I started to like drawing back in 2003. When I was 4 years old my mom and dad would take me to the mall. I would always like to go to the bookstore. The first section I ran to when I was little was the section on cars. My parents always reminded me when I was around 3 to 4 I could identify most cars that my parents or family relatives pointed to. As I'm getting older I am more interested in buildings and parking lots because I like to know how many floors there are in a building and how many parking spaces there are in a parking lot. I also like to know how many stairs there are in a building. At the bookstore I used to like getting journals. In the journal I'd like to write about different things depending on how I felt. If I saw a movie I liked I would write about it and how I enjoyed it and give it a rating. On other days I would like to write about the roads and blocks I drove down with mom and dad and I would like to look at the houses. Then when I got home I would try to remember from my memory some of the houses and I would try to draw them as I remembered them. Since then I started to like drawing because it was like magic creating the pictures. As I became interested in drawing houses I would try my best to make it look like the real house. It's not so easy but pop would help me with the design. I could spend hours on drawing roads, maps, houses, cars and street signs on my roll of paper as this reminded me of the blocks I would drive down with my parents and the rolls of paper seem to never end but the blocks we drove on always come to an end. Eventually, my roll of paper will run out but it takes a while and sometimes I connect rolls of paper together to make it longer. This sometimes makes mom go crazy because I have so many rolls of paper on the floor. Before I go to bed I must make sure I put my rolls of paper away. I can never have enough. I started to sing a song about a roll of paper and it was a good song. The words to my song are "Yay roll of paper, yay roll of paper, it's my favorite thing in the whole wide world". I remember one Christmas asking mom to write Santa a letter to bring me rolls of paper so I could continue my drawing. When I looked under the Christmas tree I saw cars, SpongeBob, DVDs of Disney movies, but no rolls of paper and I was sad. Mom said maybe Santa left it for you somewhere else. When we went to visit pop he said Santa told me to give this to you. I opened it from a bag all wrapped up and I screamed. "Yay, rolls of paper!" There were about ten of them packed with crayons, pencils and a ruler and I gave pop the biggest hug. It was a dream come true. It was my best Christmas ever. In first grade I was once in the nurse's office waiting for my dad to pick me up and they didn't have rolls of paper to draw on but they had plenty of coloring books so the nurse said I could color in them while I waited for dad. She was a nice lady and she talked to me and told me how nice I color. I like her because she made me feel good. I sometimes wonder if there is a roll of paper that never ends. By early 2009 I think I stopped liking rolls of paper because I wasted too much paper. Then I thought drawing was fun because I was getting better at it and I thanked pop for that. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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