Friday, September 18, 2009

My summer at Camp Kehilla

Back in 2005 I started camp at Camp Kehilla and I was so excited for camp. It was my first year there and it was so exciting for me. I liked camp at Camp Kehilla for the past 5 years. I sure miss camp now and I will never forget those good times I had there. When I went to camp I would get on the bus and say hello to my bus driver and bus counselor and take a seat on the bus. Before I got there I would see the other kids get picked up and get on the bus. Before I knew it I was in Suffolk County and I was almost there. By the way my camp is located on Colonial Springs Road right near Pinelawn Road, Little East Neck Road and a cemetery near those streets. When we arrived I would get off the bus and sit under the tent. Sometimes I talk with the other counselors and even go to the back. About 30 minutes later the bus to take me up the hill would come and I would get my backpack and get on the bus. I would buckle up and sit in a seat. The ride up the hill was about 5 minutes and I would get off and walk straight to the playground and say hello to my counselors and my friends and play for a little bit. When it was time to do our first activity I would put my backpack on the bench and go to the first activity. Sometimes I go to drama. I would do cool things there. Sometimes I would even go to music and see the man play the guitar. It was so cool when he sang his songs. Another special I go to would be art where I make necklaces or pictures or even things with paper. After those specials I would eat lunch and have a sandwich, a snack and a juice pouch. After lunch I would see the man play the guitar and eat the kind of bread they ate and he would sing his song. After that I would go down the hill to the swimming pool and past the other playground. I would go to the swimming pool and change into my bathing suit and get in the pool. I loved playing Dunkin' Donuts where you would swim when the counselor said Dunkin' Donuts. The funny part was when the counselor said Dunkin' Pizzas or Dunkin' Hamburgers. Swimming in there was so much fun for those 30 minutes. When it was time to get out I dried off on the towel and told my counselor how much fun it was. After the swimming pool it was time to change and get ready to play on the playground for a little bit and then it was time for snack. I was happy and we went back to the bottom of the hill and when I finished my snack I waited for the time to get to the bus. When it was time to line up for the bus I would get happy to go home and after a while I would get a little tired and sweaty from waiting for my bus to be called. When my bus was called I was happy and I got on the bus and told my bus counselor how my day went at camp. I would say it was fun and I liked it a lot. When the bus left and took the kids home I was so happy that I was going home. It was so much fun. When I got home I was happy and I told mom that I had fun.

Last time I went to camp I had a good year. I loved going on field trips. My favorite field trips were when I went to a mini golf course, Adventureland, a Bowling alley, Citi Field and the Westbury Theatre. I went to Adventureland 2 times and it was fun. Once we were going to Splish Splash and it was raining so we couldn't go. So we had it on a different day and it still was cancelled. So we went to the Atlantis aquarium. It was fun and I had a good time but I was still a little upset. Then we went to the JCC center. I played a game there and my bus took me home. When we went to Citi Field I had fun and I went to the JCC and I told my counselors that I had fun there. When we went to the Westbury Theatre we got to see Snow White and it was fun. I had fun there. Once I got to see my mom and grandma I was so happy to see them. Then I wanted to go home. The mini golf was fun when I played on all 18 holes. It was fun. Picture Day was fun too and I smiled for the camera. Bowling was fun and I took the New York Lottery Quick Draw sheet. It was too bad I didn't get a strike.

The last day of camp was a little difficult but we gave gift cards to my counselors, bus driver, bus counselor, unit head and the others. It was fun on my last day. I said goodbye to all my friends and my counselors. It was so sad saying goodbye but I had fun there. Maybe one day I'll go for the full summer. I had so much fun at Camp Kehilla. My favorite things there were swimming in the pool and going on field trips. I think camp is a lot of fun. I hope next year it is more fun. I really can't wait for next summer. It will be so much fun. I hope I like my new counselors next year. I feel a little sad that it's school time now. I will try to get used to it. And I feel sad that summer is over. The End.

P.S. Thank You Camp Kehilla!

Matty Iannielli

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