Friday, September 11, 2009

My fun vacation to Pennsylvania

My mom and dad were thinking of a fun place to go for a little weekend trip before I started school. They asked me where I wanted to go for vacation and I said maybe we should go to Hershey. The last time I went there with my parents I was only 5 years old and I did not remember much of it. The other choice was Six Flags Great Adventure in Massachusetts. I said that would be a good idea but I said we went there last year and the year before that but in New Jersey. We were getting ready for the trip and mom packed my clothes, my favorite food and the important things I needed. I was so excited because we were staying over in a hotel for 3 nights.

Mom and Dad shared the driving and dad drove there with his car because mom thought it was bigger than her car. I always enjoy long drives because I get to do different things along the way. One of the things I like to do is write in my journal. I like to listen to my Cd's of my favorite music. I also like to look at the road exit numbers. I like to see the license plates on the highway. Along the way we got some food at Wendy's. The one thing I did not like when I was in the car was the traffic and I kept telling dad to go on a different road. It was lucky that we had a navigating system to help from getting lost.

Soon we got to the La Quinta hotel and I got so excited because we were going to a new room right near Hershey Park and we stayed at Room 310. I liked the room so much. The thing I liked most in the room was the bathroom with the citrus soap and the small bottle of citrus shampoo. I got curious about the new bar of soap because I didn't know that the employees put new soap in the room. I saw about 3 bars of citrus soap and about 2 small bottles of citrus shampoo. We had breakfast about 3 times and my last breakfast at the hotel was a big breakfast with bread, eggs and waffles. I also had some half and half cream packets in all 3 breakfast days in the hotel. I loved half and half a lot and I also liked taking the half and half packets in IHOP. I had the butter every time when I got bread for my hotel breakfast. For my big breakfast at the La Quinta hotel I had waffles and I could not finish them because I thought I would be full after it.

After breakfast from the hotel we went to Hershey Park for 2 days and I rode on the Hershey Park carousel and I saw on the carved wooden plaque that there were 42 horses. I also rode on the falcon ride but it was scary for me and my mom. Another ride I rode on was the Monorail Train that was up high over the paths of the park and we saw a view of the park. I also took another ride on a different train and it was fun. Then we took a little walk around the park and we got something to eat. After that I wanted to go to Hershey's Chocolate World to make some chocolate kisses and see how they make Hershey's Kisses and chocolate bars. I got my badge there and I liked it. After I got my picture taken we went to get some candy and my parents told me not to get too much. On the tour the man said we had the 97 car as 1997 and I said hello to the 96 car as the 1996 car. We had the 97 car on the tour and I thought there were 200 cars in the ride. The best part of the ride was seeing them make the candy. I wished I could have some of it. We got to see the singing cows and I said hello to them and told them that my name is Matty. When we got off we had to get our picture and I liked it. After the tour we went to the souvenir store and we got glass cups with names on them. Mom didn't get her cup because they didn't have her name on their cup or maybe it ran out. So mom wanted to get some hot chocolate made by Hershey's. I thought that would be OK but I told her to have it about once a week. We had fun at Hershey's Chocolate World and we took the tram or trolley and I sat next to SpongeBob. I said we had to go to parking field 75. We found our car and we went back to the La Quinta Hotel.

The next day we went to Hershey Park just to see the water park to cool off in the water. Dad told me to remember where we parked and I remembered that it was parking field 57. We had to change in the lockers to take off all our clothes and change into our bathing suit. We headed for the Boardwalk and the first ride we went on was the Lazy River where we went around 3 times. Mom was looking for us and she couldn't catch up with us because we were too far away from her. Dad asked if I wanted to go a third time and I said that would be fine. I did not want to go a fourth time because I might get wrinkled fingers after a while. We went back to the bench and saw mom feeling worried about where we were. She asked why she couldn't catch up with us. We said maybe because we were too far away from her. Next we went to the wave pool and I told dad that it was my last time in the pool for the summer. I felt sad but I had fun. The waves were fun too. I tried to get away from them and I didn't make it. When I wanted to come out I dried off on the towel and told mom that this was my last time in the water for the summer. We changed back into our clothes and got something to eat. We had pizza and I did not want the sauce so I took it off. I liked the pizza and I took a walk and I wanted Jolly Rancher and mom said no. So I wanted cotton candy so badly and mom said okay and said just spend the dollar and I asked for the blue cotton candy and he gave me some cotton candy. I liked it and we went back to our lockers to pack the bathing suits and put them back in the bag. It was a fun day and we took the tram back and we went back to parking field 57. We got to the car and mom thought we were at parking field 55. And we went back to the hotel.

The next morning I had the big breakfast and we packed to leave the hotel and we went to the car. Before I left I took some half and half cream packets with me for home. When I got in the car I thought I lost SpongeBob in the hotel so I checked back in the hotel room and I found him crying all alone. We took him back in the car and headed for the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania. When we got there I took SpongeBob with me and I went to the second floor and went in the coloring room where I colored my seahorse picture. I also found out how they make Crayola crayons with wax. It was fun and I went to the Crayola store where we bought some stuff and we found out every color crayon that Crayola ever made. We got the stuff and we went back in the car to go back home. We had a long ride but it was fun. I liked going to Hershey Park and looking at the hotel. When we got home I watched some TV. I was sad that vacation was over so I had fun watching TV. It was a fun vacation and I loved it so much. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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