Saturday, September 12, 2009

All about school at Salk and memories of Summit Lane

I just started a new school on September 9th this year. Now I'm in 5th grade and in a middle school. Now I have to wake up at 6 in the morning and I will try to get used to it. My bus comes at like 7:10 AM. I have a classmate that I had in 4th grade back in Summit Lane and his name is Joe. I got scared when I saw him on the first day. I will try not to be scared anymore. I have about 6 classmates in my class and that includes me. I still don't have any girls in my class. The last time I had a girl in my class was when I was in kindergarten. I have a new teacher and her name is Ms. Butterweich. I like my new teacher a lot. It is too bad I have a new school. Sometimes I miss my old school and think about it.

I am now going to a new school and mom and dad told me that it will take a little time to get used to it but it will come and I will start to like it like I liked Summit Lane. I am also going to try to make friends and participate in the class more. I look forward to being a 5th grader and all the special projects we will do. My favorite subject is Math and I might like division some day when it gets easy for me. I like art class and I have a special art teacher named Mrs. Merolla. I started to paint a fruit bowl in art class. I like Mrs. Merolla and look forward to learning more about drawing and expressing my interests in my drawings. I have a nice gym class and I play nice things. I like my lunch class and I eat the lunch that my mom packs for me. My Lunch period is good because it breaks up the day between the classes and because I'm hungry.

I start school at about 7:45 AM. The day is a pretty long day and I have fun. My school ends at about 2:30 PM. My bus driver is Anthony. He was my bus driver at Summit Lane from 1st grade to 2nd grade and I was glad to see him on my first day of school. Maria is my new bus matron. She is also a nice lady and she helps me find a seat but I have to sit in the same seat every time I go on the bus. When I get to school my matron sees that I get off the bus and she makes sure I get in the school safely with the other kids on the bus.

My very first week of school was a short week and I am glad to be back and so are my mom and dad and they are looking forward to me doing well and I am going to do my best in the new school year.

I have a lot of memories of Summit Lane. One memory is about 1st grade when I went on a field trip in Long Beach in October 2005 and I had fun. Another memory from 1st grade was having another teacher while Mrs. McKenna was gone. Her name was Mrs. MacNamara and she was a nice teacher. Mrs. McKenna came back with two babies. Their names were Paul and Kerry. It was fun seeing them. Those were good times. A memory from 2nd grade was when I went to the Children's Museum to build blocks, play in the bubbles, go in the playhouse and go inside the minivan. It was fun. Another 2nd grade memory was when I went to see a play called A Christmas Carol at the Westbury Theatre. It was fun and funny. I remember in 3rd grade I used to play with the toys and games. I also asked how many leaves there were in the whole school yard. Kyle asked the most and he said about a million. My teachers said about a thousand leaves. I said about 10,000 leaves. I once thought there were about 30-40 classrooms in that school. I had fun in 3rd grade. I had Mrs. McKenna from 1st grade to 3rd grade. Then in 4th grade I had Mrs. Kalb and my friends were there too. I remember in 4th grade when I once went to Helping Hands every Monday and Tuesday. I got upset when I went there and I liked it after a while. The teachers there were nice but the kids didn't talk much. Summit Lane was nice and now I'm going to a new school. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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