Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why I like numbers

I often wonder why it is I like numbers and I think it is because with being able to speak the language of mathematics you can do just about anything and when you think about it the power of numbers is so much a part of our life. I can add and subtract and multiply and divide thanks to my teachers. I often wonder what the secret is to being able to multiply large numbers together. Once I went to and found out all the big numbers from zero to infinity in maybe 2007. I copied the numbers and made a list of them on a Microsoft Word document. The name of it was Numbers 1-Infinity on Word. I found out the number signs and they told me that they were called one hundred, one thousand, one million, one billion, one trillion, one quadrillion, one quintillion, and one sextillion. When I was about 6 I found out that numbers never end. When I was about 4 I loved going places and counting the house numbers on every street. I also loved counting the building numbers on Hempstead Turnpike, Sunrise Highway, Merrick Road, and even Farmingdale Road which is named Route 110 for short. After I saw the big 10 and the small 6 I saw it right near the one million. Wikipedia told me that it meant the 10 was for the zeroes and the 6 was for how many zeroes there were in the number. After that I found out that the number that had 100 zeroes in it was called google. The next number was googleplex which was the number that had google zeroes in it.

Once I was reading a book that taught you about numbers and it was about peas and how many there were. It had numbers up to one quadrillion and the biggest one was when it said that one quadrillion peas can make a mountain. I learned that number by the book all thanks to the person who made that book. I also had another number book called How much is a million? I loved that book a lot and I saw the pictures of one million kids standing up high making a very tall tower, and guessing how long it can take to count up to a million. It did not teach me about any number higher than one trillion. I loved those books a lot and I wanted to keep them forever but now I can't seem to remember where they are.

When I was a little baby I was watching a Baby Einstein video and it was teaching me numbers and I liked it. Then I started counting and I loved numbers and wondered how many numbers there are in the world. When I was 6 or 7 I wanted to find out how many seats there are in a movie theatre and how many parking spaces there are in a parking lot. When I became 8 I wanted to know how many stairs and floors there are in a building or an apartment building. I also wanted to know how many stairs there are in popcorn's house. Every time we went to popcorn's house in the past I was thinking about a stairway in an apartment house that never ended and had billions of floors. I was also thinking about how many stairs there would be in that kind of apartment house.

When I am playing with cards I sometimes wonder how many cards there are in a deck and how many baseball cards there are in a baseball card box. Sometimes I guess that there are between 700 to 800 baseball cards in that kind of box. I love looking at baseball cards and putting them in number order just to make sure if there are any missing ones. When I was a little boy I used to love to know how many channels there are on cable and I loved to use the remote to see all the channels. My favorite channels are Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Boomerang, some of HBO family, and some of Disney Channel.

My dad told me that when he was a little boy he struggled with mathematics but his kindergarten teacher and his mother sat down with him and taught him mathematics and it became his favorite subject and he owes it all to Mrs. Black Bear, his teacher from kindergarten and his mom. Now math is still his favorite subject and he always helps me when I have struggles with my math homework. Mom helps me with my other homework and dad helps me with my math and he tells me that I should do my best in there.

I used to like looking at the United States map and counting all the 50 states. I also liked counting the state quarters. At Christmas time I would love to count the number of lights on our Christmas tree. I also enjoy when my mom and dad would take me into the city to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and I would say "Wow!" I often wondered how many lights were on that Christmas tree and how many feet tall that tree was. It would take me about a week to count all the lights on that Christmas tree because I would have to climb up the tree to count all of them. I would guess that there were about 10,000 lights or more.

As I grow older I realize how important mathematics is and I will always try my best. The End.

Matty Iannielli
Helped by Dad

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