Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I like about Spring

Evrey time I hear that Spring starts to come I feel so happy because the weather is getting warmer and we can play outside. Then the snow starts to melt and we can go to the park and ride our bike. I like spring a lot because the flowers start to bloom. It is my 2nd favorite season out of all 4 of them because it is a fun season.

The things that I like about Spring are that I can go play outside and go to the park. I also like riding my bike and taking walks around the block. I also like to take rides around in my mom's car. Another thing I like about Spring is planting seeds and watching the flowers bloom. One more thing I like about Spring is going to the beach. Those are all of the things I like about Spring.

There aren't really anything I don't like about Spring but except the end of it.

Once Summer starts to come I am feeling even happier because school starts to end and the weather gets really hot and I start to sweat after a while of staying outside. Then the pool starts to open and I also start to go to camp sometimes.

After Spring starts to become Summer I feel a little sad but mostly happy because Summer is my most favorite season. Even though the seasons go by so quickly I feel sad for Spring because I still like it but Summer will always bring smiles to evrey kid's face, even me. But we will still remember all the joy of Spring. We will never forget you spring, we all love you!

Matty Iannielli

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  1. Very well said Matty!
    Congratulations on completing the 5th grade!